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I am a Digital Marketing Consultant from Hyderabad (India). I started my digital marketing career back in 2005 and blogging in 2007 but stopped writing in just a year. although I continued running my site www.love104.org  due to my interest in collection of SMS Shayaris, Quotes, Poems and greetings.

My interest in computers started when I was in grade 7 , as it was a new subject introduced in our school,  but initially we just enjoyed playing games which made me more interested in computers and that eventually motivated me to join a course to learn computer basics.

Back in 2003 after completing 10+2, with my keen interest in computers I chose career in gaming.  To learn game development I did a yearlong syllabus in multimedia where I learned 20+ software’s like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, 3DsMax, coral draw and many more.

After achieving a long experience in this field , I thought of developing business skills which required minimal investment and that made me focus on web designing,  which I could easily  manage by being self employed.

SEO was introduced to me in my first job,  where I was originally a web designer but my abilities and keen interest in experimenting helped me to develop my career as an SEO professional.

Within one year my learning curve turned a bit monotonous that made me inclined to learn more SEO skills.  I decided to start my own website and implemented all my SEO skills, Within 2 months it  ranked on 1st page of google for terms like “SEO company Hyderabad”, “SEO services Hyderabad” etc. My site ranking was better than my then other competitors.

Long story short

I have worked with more than 20 businesses on their digital marketing, online reputation management and website building.

Now in 2017 I am back in the blogging arena and this time I’ll be sharing my learning about digital marketing, WordPress and how I make money from all this in my future blogs.

If you want to get in touch with me, shoot me an email at heeren@heerentanna.com


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