When we are working with clients on their blogs at G2 Web Media one of the most important considerations we get them to think about early is the name of their blog. For those business who have a established name and brand, we encourage them to use that name. However, for most, they don’t have that established name or brand. For them, it is important to consider three key points when picking a name. This is especially true for the professional service firm.

Most service firms are of the opinion they should name their blog and optimize it with their firm’s name. My quick answer to them is no. We can certainly include the firm name in the blog and as a keyword for search results. However to maximize their search results, we need to do more.

The 3 key points they should consider are:

  1. Where am I located? Chances are, you are going to be targeting a geographical location such as a state or even a metro area. If that is the case, use that location in your name as one of the first parts. When I was picking a name for my law practice blog, I decided to use Kansas as the first part of my blogs name. I wanted my blog to come up on searches when people were searching for issues in Kansas.
  2. What do I do? Don’t overlook the importance of telling your target audience what you do. When people are searching in your niche or target they are usually looking for a solution to a problem or issue. If you tell them in the title of your blog what you do, it will move you up in their search results. Once again, I take you to the naming of my law practice blog. FIrst we had Kansas in the name and second, Family & Divorce. So, I told them I worked with “Family & Divorce” in Kansas.
  3. Who am I? Finally, you need to tell your niche or target who you are. For example, are you a CPA, Tax Accountant, Lawyer, Copyrighter, Virtual assistant, etc. Than tell them in your title. Once again, I take you to the law practice blog I used to market my services. First we had Kansas, than Family & Divorce and last but not least, Lawyer. So, the title to my blog was Kansas Family & Divorce Lawyer. And it was that title, which we optimized in tags and title tags which helped a lot in getting me some great SEO.

A proper name is one of those items I consider a critical component of a blog. Additionally, when deciding on a name for your blog, you need to consider your target audience and/or niche you are marketing to. How and what will they be searching for in their search terms and questions. Don’t hide your blog or business behind some name you think is cute. Keep it simple and to the point and remember the 3 key points, where am I located, what do I do and who am I?
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