Did you know that your blog is slowly being eaten away by words? Seriously! You may not realize it yet, but your blog could be so much better if you only knew the definition of these three words. Did you want me to tell you what they are?


You’re probably thinking that productivity is a good thing. Well, yes and no. You see, many bloggers aren’t using this word properly. The word productivity means the state of being productive. That is, you have to actually producesomething to be productive.

Do you have Google Wave? So what? I wrote five posts across four separate blogs today. Which one of us is more productive now?

You can have the most advanced system on the planet for outlining, managing blogs, getting designs done, automatically submitting this to that, but if you don’t make anything, you’re not productive. So start figuring out how to use your tools to actually produce things for other people and make some cash.


The word unique is probably my favorite online four-letter-word. Here are a few things that you should realize right now:

  • 99.9% of blogs are not unique.
  • 99.9% of content on those blogs is not unique.
  • You cannot “auto-generate” unique content.

Unique, by it’s definition, is almost impossible to achieve. Unique means Being the only one of its kindunequaledunparalleled or unmatched. Is your content unparalleled? The sad truth is that the word “unique” is really just a buzz word at this point if we take it at dictionary definition.

However, there is a way you can be unique. It’s called having a personality. Your content is unique when you express it in your own personal style and put a new spin on it. Consider Apple. MP3 players existed before Apple, but they created a unique software and interface for handling the music files.

Authority also makes you unique. Darren Rowse is unique in being known as “the” problogger just as Seth Godin is unique in his “purple cow” idea. If you don’t have the idea first, who cares? Step out of the box and show people how it’s done. Let your personality fuel your authority and achieve that recognition.


If I died tomorrow, this would be my legacy. The word killer is literally killing your blog. Why? Because the word killer is NOT an adjective! The word killer is a noun. It means someone who kills.

Now, if you want a word that explains how your content is so amazing it blows away the competition, I’ve compiled a list of 50 appropriate replacements for the word killer.

So what do you say, internet? Can we please stop making up words? That includes you, creatives. Find a noun to describe yourselves, would you!?

What Do You Think?

Are there other words that are killing your blog? What do you think about these words? Share your thoughts and opinions below!

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