We talk a lot about the conversation surrounding blogging. You first put up a post and than you wait for some comments to come in. Of course this is not the entire meaning of the conversation with blogging. But it is an important part. Like most bloggers, I enjoy the interaction which occurs between my blogs and the readers. I enjoy the give and take comments can bring you. And I have said it before, sometimes the comments are better than the actually blog post.

It can be a struggle to get comments. And getting comments on your blog is one of the signs you blog actually may have a life. Comments equals readers and from there your blog will grow.

I often am asked how do I get comments on my blog. For some bloggers and their blogs it is easy. Some topics just get them. But for a small business owner, getting comments can be a challenge. And here are some tools you can use. The list was started by Duct Tape Marketing and I am going to add my take on each of them.

  1. Ask for them – Not rocket science, but it is the first step in getting comments. Invite your readers to leave comments by just asking. I do this sometimes at the very end of a blog post. Don’t be afraid to ask.
  2. Ask questions and seek opinion – How many people are going to ignore an opportunity to give them opinion? Very few. And asking a question is an indication you might need help. And people just have a natural urge to help by answering questions. Use this technique, it works.
  3. Comment on comments – This is most likely one of the most under used methods of getting comments. I know I am just as guilty as the next guy. However, when you get comments, join in on the conversation and comment on the comments. Even if the comment “questions something you might have said.” Remember the conversation we have talked about over and over again? This is a key part of the conversation. If you don’t leave comments on your own blog, how can you expect your readers to do the same.
  4. Show some humaness – While I would agree this is important. I am not sure how it might work with a small business, home business or professional service firms blog. We might not want to cross the line between the business or professional blog to showing we are actual human. I do believe if you do this, be careful, it could backfire on your.
  5. Stir the pot from time to time – Everyone of your readers have a topic they are passionate about. As you do. Don’t be afraid to get the “juices” flowing by bringing up such a topic and giving your take on it. “Often some of my best interactions come from topics that people are decidedly passionate about.” However, be careful on this one too. Don’t get carried away with what topic you might blog about. While I love a good political argument like the next guy, I would not blog about it on my blog. Some topics don’t belong on a business blog.
  6. Give credit to your commentators – Not exactly put as Duct Tape Marketing put it when he said, “make comment participation a game.” I do think commentators like to get credit and especially like to get noticed. I and others have installed the WP Top Commentators Plug-In. This plug-in actually keeps track of how many comments your readers make and rewards them with a link and a listing in the sidebar of my blog, Home Office Warrior. I know from my own experience I get traffic from comments I leave on blogs who use this plug-in. Why not give the same benefit to your readers.
  7. Make sure commenting is easy – And just as important, make sure you allow comments. I do moderate comments on my blogs for anyone who has not already posted a comment. I do this to control spam. I never not post a comment just because someone disagrees with me. Another tool you can use to make commenting easier is to give your readers a way to subscribe to the comments on your blog. Again, another painless, seamless way to attract more comments on your blog.

This list is certainly not exhaustive and I know there are other ways to get comments. So, let me ask the question, do you have other ways to get comments to your blog which I might have missed? Post your comments with your tips.

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