Easiest way to adding table in blogger post
Are you really confuse about to add table in blogger in easiest way? Than this post will surely helpful to you. It is very difficult to add table to blog for those people who don’t know the HTML. This post is all about to adding table in blogger post without any kind of  HTML. For this purpose you have to require MS-Office installed in your operation system. there are certain step which you required to follow step by step.

Easiest way to adding table in blogger post

Step 1: Open MS-word in your operation system.
Step 2:  Go to Insert Tab > Table  and customize table as per your requirements.

Step 3: Now fill up details and adjust width of table as per your requirement for example:


Step 4: Select complete table and and copy it.
Step 5: Now paste copied table in your post, where you want to show your table. That Set.

Note:You may change your color of your table as well as text. Before pasting in post be sure that you paste it on Compose tab rather than HTML tab.

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