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10 Blog Traffic Tips

Every blogger has experienced it. That first day their blog comes to life. The launch of their first blog. What some new bloggers do however is make the mistake thinking all they have to do is put a blog up and they will see instant success. That they will get

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Marketing and selling on the web. Htanna blog

Marketing and Selling on the Web.

Marketing on the Net includes on-line advertising to reach out to potential customers. It requires imagination like creating, advancement and technical aspects like marketing and marketing. Affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, online search engine marketing and interactive marketing are all different facets of Internet marketing. It also includes sales, public relations,

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Top 10 best premium wordpress themes htanna blog

Top 10 best premium wordpress themes

WordPress has a largest community related to it. Every day we are having new themes & plugins. Currently, It is using the modern technology into these themes, from the normal themes to responsive as well as HTML5 theme. We need to be sure that we are using the newest pattern

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How to brief your web designer heerentanna blog

How to Brief Your Web Designer.

If you are about to embark on a new website design or thinking of redesigning your existing one, the chances are it will be a major investment for your business. So it is important to get it right. Taking the time to write a proper web design brief will save

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5 small business digital marketing trends for 2018

5 Small Business Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

As the end of 2017 approaches you may be thinking about what you would like to achieve from marketing your small business in 2018. Keeping up to date with the latest digital trends will enable to you to plan early and retain a competitive advantage for 2018 and beyond! We

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What is on page search engine optimization htanna blog

What is On Page Search Engine Optimization?

The process of choosing and implementing  keywords and keyword phrases as they relate to your website or blog is called on search engine optimization or SEO, for short. What this involves is a combination of fine tuning your content, HTM, Naming images, your META tags and a internal link building

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5 low cost ways to driving traffic to your site. Htanna blog

5 Low cost Ways to Driving traffic to your site.

If there’s one fact about making money online it’s this: You need traffic. A steady flow of traffic is essential to making money online simply because if no one goes to your site, no one sees your offer. And while its true that it takes money to make money, it

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