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Web designer skills

9 Skill Requirements to be important and effective Web Designer in 2021

These days having a professional-looking powerful website is a necessary thing that everyone should have whoever started their new career. But due to its importance and popularity, competition in this field is increasing day by day. So having average skill in designing might not be enough to stand apart from your competitors. You need to apply something better and more creative from the rest of them. Well, when it comes to talking about all the skills that you need to become a professional web designer, there are so many elements needed to work together to make a design look perfect.

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Repurposing Blog Posts content

Tips to Repurpose Blog Posts Into Courses and Webinars

Your blog posts are a valuable marketing tool that can be used differently many times over to reach new audiences. A great way to achieve that is to repurpose your existing blog posts into courses and webinars. That way, your inbound marketing strategy gets a powerful new upgrade that you don’t have to develop from scratch. It is a very effective method for attracting customers. Outgrow has reported that 20 to 40 percent of webinar attendees turn into qualified leads, with free online courses also acting as magnets for qualified leads. In this blog post, we will share some tips

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8 traffic statistics you need to know for eCommerce website in 2021

What do you understand about ecommerce website? Any transaction that is conducted online or any kind of online business is referred to as e-commerce. Buying, selling and retailing things on the internet comes in e-commerce. Most of the services are provided online like transactions, funds, exchanging data etc.  myntra, flipkart, amazon, olx, meesho and so on. The chain runs through business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer and consumer to business. E-commerce is progressing a lot. These days everyone focuses on doing online shopping instead of going out. Retail is the most used nowadays  e-commerce that has reached

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Google analytics: What you need to track as a blogger

Many bloggers feel overwhelmed when dealing with statistics and thinking about coding. While analytics may feel like a nightmare, Google analytics is a simple platform that helps make measuring performance easier for bloggers. It is one of the most efficient and useful tools to track your blog and seek valuable information to get insights that your competitors do not have access to. Hence, learning details from Google Analytics can help you get a competitive advantage and enhance your blog. You need to begin with setting up a Google Analytics account. Creating an account is an easy process, especially when you

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Start a Blog for Business

5 Reasons You Should Start a Blog for Business

Many small business owners are reluctant to start a blog. They look at what they do and assume it is not glamorous enough to blog about. However, every type of industry has its audience—the only real trick is to know how to connect the two. Creating a blog for your business is crucial for promoting what you do. From newspapers to TV, companies have always used available media channels to reach the public. Blogging is just a contemporary version of that – and it helps you establish a more direct and personal connection with your ideal customer. If you’re still

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E-commerce Digital Marketing Strategies

Effective E-commerce Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020

Digital Marketing is an effective tool for driving top-of-funnel web traffic to future sales and customers. Without ecommerce digital marketing approaches, no online brands and businesses can become successful today or participate in the highest-trafficked pitches. Make a habit of using a well-planned and well-organized ecommerce digital marketing strategy in 2020 to grow efficiently and drive brand awareness while increasing sales. Below you will come across some building blocks used by best SEO companies in India to create a successful ecommerce digital marketing strategy in 2020. Use these tips to propel your ecommerce business and bootstrap it to seven figures in sales. 

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The Importance of SEO During COVID-19 Pandemic

During a pandemic, people are only concerned about their health, life, and economic survival. Many businesses are affected and some may even close indefinitely. The talk of economic collapse has left people on the back seat thinking there is nothing much they can do. However, it is the best time to remain united and encourage each other that everything will be okay and this too shall pass just like the others. It may also be a good time to take advantage of SEO by using the best search engine optimization agency in Phoenix to ensure your business remains afloat. Below

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Top 10 SEO WordPress plugins

Everyone is looking for the best WordPress SEO Plugins and tools for his website. Because the search engines are major source of traffic to your website, you need to optimize your website to rank high in the search results grow your brand significantly. This is the point where SEO WordPress plugins come in handy. Here are some of the tools that will enhance this functionality on your website. 1. WP-Optimize The WP-Optimize plugin helps in cleaning and managing your database by caching of sites and compressing large images. The plugin also makes your WordPress website more efficient, better optimized, and

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4 Reasons Why SEO For eCommerce Is Specific

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has always been a low hanging fruit that online businesses often fail to use in their favor. Without proper SEO, you can’t rank higher than your competitor in the Google search engine result page (SERP).  But what should be the right approach? Unlike any other website, your eCommerce website requires special attention when it comes to SEO best practices.  As an eCommerce website owner, you would want to rank your product pages on the top.  For instance, let us assume that you are selling gifts for dog lovers, and you want to primarily attract customers that have

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