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Font of blogger post title copy[dropcap]P[/dropcap]ost title is one of the most important think which gives the answer of question “what is the page is all about?” We as a article writer must focus on the title of our blog post, it should be attractive not only by sentences but also by designing too. So by changing blogger post title with awesome fonts will surly help us to build relationship with our visitors. Replacing the existing font with new fonts in blogger post title is too much easy just we need to follow simple instruction.

Change font of blogger post title

To replace blogger font title, here we are going to use the google web fonts. So firstly you need to identify your favourite font from the google web fonts.

Step 1: Visit Google Webfont Page.

Step 2: Find it out your favourite font.

Step 3: Once you done with your selection, Click on Quick use Icon.

Quick use google web font

Step 4: In the very next page “Choose the styles” > “Choose the character sets”.

Don’t want to touch code, Refer Quick Setup

Step 5: Cody code from “3. Add this code to website” field. now navigate Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML > Find <head>. Just above <head> tag paste the copied code.

Copy google web font link css

Step 6: Now search for .post h1 (If you use H1 for title tag) or .post h2 (If you use H2 for your title tag) and find family font and replace complete line the new CSS style (See above image to find your new CSS style)

Step 7: Save Template. That set…

Quick Setup to Change Blogger Post title

Past link tag and css style and select your post title tag. Now click on Add to blogger button > Select your blog > Click on Add Widget Button.


That Set..


Replacing existing font style with new style it is covered under designing blogger blog. If you still facing any problem than drop it in comment. I will try to solve your problem as time permits.



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