Setup multi sub domains on single custom domain of blogger htanna blog

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]efore proceeding Further, You must have  custom domain for your blogger blog. Blogger provides a free domain with .blogspot domain. You can easily able to create more than one blog. But the question comes when you have purchased custom domain for your blogger blog and now you want subdomain for your blog like , and so on.  Here is a simple guideline which will surly going to help you to manage more than one blogger blog on your single custom domain.

If you are using your own hosting on main domain and want to set subdomain on a blogger blog than I will recommended you do go through our past post : How To Create/Setup Sub-domain on a Blogspot Site?

Use More than one Sub Domains on a Single Blogger Custom Domain.

There are few simple steps which you need to follow. If you have custom domain and you have set it on blogger than it will be more easier for you to understand.

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Step 1: First of all at initial stage, you need to create blog on .blogspot base sub domain. I  guess you are very much aware how to create blogger blog right?, If no than kindly drop your comment below.

Step 2: So now you are ready with another blogger base blog. Now Navigate Blogger Dashboard > Select Newly Created Blog > Setting. Under Publishing section, Click on Set up a third-party URL for your blog.

Step 3: Now under “Third-party domain settings” Enter your sub domain URL and click on save button. keep in mind that you have to enter your sub-domain without http://

Step 4: Surprised !, you will find error message that “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12.”  Now we have setting instruction.

You will find two records in a table format, Save it as we need it in your domain’s setting.

Sub domain instruction

Step 5: Login into your Domain Provider’s Dashboard.

Step 6: As different domain providers having different interface, So you have to find DNS zone by your self. Once you find it, Than you just need to insert one CName for your Sub Domain.

(Do me a favor: If you find where is your DNS zone located in your domain provider’s dashboard then drop a navigation so our visitor will be able to find it easily. Don’t forget to mention the name of your domain service provider )

Suppose you want to create

  1. as sub domain than your Name/Host/Lable will be blog
  2. as sub domain than your Name/Host/Lable will be service

In Point to / Destination / Target  field you need to insert

Name/Host/Cname  Point To / Destination / Target

Note: Don’t forget to add second record which you have saved in step 4.

Step 6: Save changes you have made in your DNS Zone. It may take long time to update. Note: If Name already exist in DNS zone you want be able to add same name again. For that you have to delete the existing duplicate name.

Step 7:  Keep in mind that due to error message, we want be able to save your sub domain. So after DNS Zone gets updated, Kindly go to your blogger setting again and click on save button.

That set from my side, If you are still facing any issue than kindly drop your comment below i will try to solve each of your query.

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  1. Hi and thanks a lot for your post,

    What can I do if I don’t get the error message? I have a blogger with a custom domain I purchased on godaddy. Now I want to create a new sub-domain with a new blog I created. But when I enter the address (for example “” I don’t get the error message so I can’t add the second record because I already have it. So if I only add the first record: ” blog” pointing to “”, godaddy gives me an error message.

    Any advice?

    Thx a lot

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