How To Add Custom Robots txt To Blogger Blog?

How To Add Custom Robots txt To Blogger Blog?Recently i have shared article “how to submit blogger sitemap to google?“. Now again we are coming with another SEO post. That is How to add google sitemap to blogger blog. Before reading anything the question raised in our mind that why to add google sitemap to our blog? Google Sitemap helps to Google search engine that pages available to your blog. Every blogger user wants that they website is indexing on the famous Google search engine. Now at this point every one is knowing that Google is a big  player in the market. So adding Google sitemap to blogger blog is an important for SEO.

How To Add Google Sitemap To Blogger Blog?

Following are the simplest steps which is required to follow
Step 1: Click here.
Step 2: Now enter your blogger blog URL in box. And Click on generate sitemap.
How To Add Custom Robots txt To Blogger Blog?
Step 3: Within that you will find that your xml sitemap is generated Copy that entire text. It will look like Following screenshot.
How To Add Custom Robots txt To Blogger Blog?
Step 4: Go to your blogger dashboard > Setting > Search Preferences > Custom Robots Text and Enable it. And paste copied text > Click on save button.
How To Add Custom Robots txt To Blogger Blog?

That set. You don’t need to add your ping again and again. Your Sitemap will automatically inform your new pages to the Google search engines.

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Heeren Tanna

Heeren Tanna

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