What can be marketed through digital marketing?

Today, no one is stranger to digital marketing. Everyone wants to increase their business with help of digital marketing. Nowadays big as well as small business houses are also started engaging them self into digital marketing which clearly identifiable by various promotional activities.

At present era of cut throat competition, only that firm will survive who change their marketing and production strategies with modem changing technological environment.

It is clearly visible that now markers are highly focuses on digital side as compare to physical marketing. If you are thinking to start a new business than you must firstly know what can be marketed through digital marketing?

So let’s know what are the products or things that can be marketed via digital marketing.

What Can Be Marketed Through Digital Marketing?


With help of digital marketing one can market their own goods. A goods in the sense of a physical product like car, laptop, led screen, home theatre, smart phones, watches etc. Following is the screenshot of Smartphone Search in the Google.

Smart phone

It is clearly visible in above screenshot that with help of organic and paid search result major players market their goods using digital marketing.


At present time service sector growth increases drastically, Service in the sense that one can only feel as it is not tangible. Services like Banking, Insurance, Trademark, Patent, Software, Webhosting, Domain, Advertisement, Mobile Application etc.
Mr. Ankit Singla, One of the most popular blogger from India who provides Blog Coating Service through their blog as a part of their digital marketing strategy.


Event base digital marketing. As the term event is constrained with the specific time duration. An Event in the sense festivals base websites, IPL tournament, make in India, film fare award, Olympics etc…
IPL 2016 Promoted using digital marketing through YouTube.


Experiences are outcome of a combination of products and services. The customer willing to enjoy both product as well as services together to enjoy total experience such as taking “rides” in a water park. Adlabs Imagica promotes its brand through various digital marketing.

Adiabs imagica


Presently person branding or celebrity branding are most favourable as well as demanding factor in marketing industry.
BJP projected Narendra Modi during election of 2014 is the best example of marketing person with help of digital marketing. They used various digital marketing channels to promote their slogan “Ab ki Baar Modi Sarkar” and the funniest example is Qandeel Baloch from Pakistan 😛


When a place can be also marketed with help of digital marketing to attract tourist, commercial buildings, production units, residency and so on…
Gujarat Tourism and MP tousism is the best example of digital marketing.


Properties are tangible but its rights of ownership is intangible, through digital marketing property can also be bought, sold or rent too. For this exchange one must have to opt marketing and at present time digital marketing is the best alternative to gain more and more customers for the same.
Indian prospective the Magic Bricks is the best example of digital marketing.


Branding is one of the most important strategies for any successful firm. Through the digital marketing an organization build a strong, favourable and unique images in the mind of their customers.
Future group and Tata group are the best example of marketing organization through digital marketing.


Information can also be marketed with help of digital programs. Nowadays there are numbers of blogs and website which provides you the information.
Quora.com is one of the leading examples of digitally marketing of information with help of their websites. A part from this you will find numbers of website who gives you database of targeted customers that can also be part of Information marketing.


Digital marketing is one of the strong platforms through which one can delivers some ideas or benefits i.e. Government of India started Model Career Centre to provide job related information via their portal ncs.gov.in including training and career counselling.
Many social marketers are started promoting their NGOs with help of digital marketing for promoting about family planning, AIDS control etc.

So end of this discussion we can say that whatever physically marketed that can be marketed digitally or virtually too. Present time is a golden era of opting digital marketing for a business as you might have notice that majority of entrepreneur started promoting their products virtually.

In the very next post we will learn why every entrepreneur should shift physical marketed to virtual market through digital marketing strategies. Kindly subscribe this blog for more updates about branding and marketing.


  1. In this modern day, digital marketing is very in demand to all aspects of business in order to attract more customers. I guess almost everything is marketed through digital marketing. Thanks for sharing. I’ll stay tuned for your next post, hope I could learn more about digital marketing.

    1. First of all thanks Zia for comment here, Yup It’s a era of digital marketing and we all as a markter must have to be aware about the total ways though which an item or product or services can be marketed.

  2. Hi Sir,

    Such an amazing Tips which tells us how the information is to be send and marketed with the help of digital programs.

    Due to this others can get a platform to increase their business and get new ideas for making a successful firm .

    Thank you very much for such great article.

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