Remove newer older home linkimage from blogger heerentanna blog

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ide/Remove newer post, home & older post from below side of a blogger post or below comment box. You are on this post and hence let me assume that you don’t want to see those link image in your blog post. This topic is covered under designing aspect of a blogger blog.

Remove Newer, Home, Older Link/Image from Post footer.

Here I have created widget generator that will make your task easer, You don’t need to find and edit code for the same, just use below widget generator and follow simple instruction. It will not going to take more than 3 to 5 clicks, Yes you rightly read just 3 to 5 clicks only.



Click on Add to Blogger button > Select your blog > Click on  Add Widget. that set.


Here I am always trying to reduce your efforts as much as possible by following “just within click”  policy. If you still face any kind of problem than share it in below comment box.

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