In this tutorial I will be giving you how to setup Google Feed Box so that every visitor can get notification while you update your post in the website. The tutorial is pretty simple but I faced a common problem so I am sharing it with you so that you too don’t get confused.

First Install Mashable plugin in WordPress or you can download it from WordPress plugins directory. Now get to next step.

For creating a feed we need to sign up for Google FEEDS at google feed burner. Jump there and create a new account and signup then you should be redirected to the windows like this.

After you  hit next after this press skip directly to feed Management and you will be landing into the page like this.

Now click on publicize and click on image subscription and click on activate at the bottom.

Go back to WordPress admin area and put your subscription ID. If you are troubles finding your subscription ID then check out below. Because there were problem for me finding my subscription ID  .

Copy This ID Directly back to the WordPress plugins you recently installed and keep it in subscription ID and save it. Once you have activated subscription by email then visitors can subscribe to blog for latest updates made by you.

If you don’t want to use mashable plugin then search around in Google feed burner there you will get and bunch of html code for creating a box widget for your HTML site. Just copy the codes where you want to subscription Box to appear and that are it.

Now sooner or later if you have interesting post on your blog visitors will subscribe for getting more latest updates made by you.

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