How to migration blogger comment with disqus htanna blog
Secure+file+transfer+copyMany blogger user are avoiding to change blogger comment box to disqus comment just because of they worried about there previous comment which are published on blogger platform. This post is for all those blogger user who want to synchronize there blogger comment with disqus platform. With the latest innovation in disqus 2012, they improve there feature to provides best facilities to there user. there are much more feature are there which we are going to discus latter. but right now our main focus is on to synchronize blogger comment with disqus platform.

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How to move your blogger comment on disqus platform?

Simply follow step which are mentioned in to below screenshot. First login in your disqus account. than click on Admin > Tools > Import > Blogger > Import comments from blogger button.


After it, select your blog through which you want import comment.  and proceed further. It will take something around 24 hours to import comments from blogger platform.
Whats your opinion whether to change blogger comments or not? Share your view with us.

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