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If there’s one fact about making money online it’s this: You need traffic. A steady flow of traffic is essential to making money online simply because if no one goes to your site, no one sees your offer. And while its true that it takes money to make money, it doesn’t take a lot of cash to generate traffic to your site. High earning, big hitting websites spend a ton of money on different forms of advertising and for them, its worth it because they can afford it. But you don’t have to use this method. There are many ways to generate traffic which don’t require you selling everything you own and there are many people who’ve used those high cost methods only to lose the kitchen sink doing so. Let’s not let that happen to you.
And with that, here are 5 low cost ways to drive targeted traffic to your site:

Link Exchanges –

Just as it sounds, a link exchange is a situation where you place a link to another site on your site and in return, they place your link on their site. This is called a reciprocal link exchange. As a rule, you should only exchange links with a site with a similiar theme as yours. That way the traffic you recieve from that exchange is interested in what you’re offering. Reciprocal link exchanges are a great way to generate some targeted traffic, build awareness of your site and establish your credibility as an expert in your area.

There’s another kind of link exchange, the one way link exchange. This is where your link is placed on another site and you are not asked to reciprocate. There are many so say these kind of exchanges are one of the best ways to get high ranking in the search engines, provided the sites your link is on are relevant to your site. Both types are sure ways to increase traffic to your site and get a higher ranking in the search engines without any high out of pocket expenses.

Submit articles to directories –

There are many directories that accept articles to be published on their sites. You can save expenses by writing the articles yourself or there are many freelance writers who can do the writing for you in exchange for a fee. But to save money, its best to write the articles yourself.

Be sure to write articles that are themed similiar to the niche of your site. Write about things you know about, something you have an interest in so that when people read your article, they can sense your knowledge and will want to visit your site. Writing articles that have tips and guidelines related to your site’s niche are a good way to get reader’s attention and can drive targeted traffic to your site. Make sure you include a resource box at the end of your articles with a little information about yourself and your site’s niche. Providing interesting, information laden articles is a great way to generate interest in your site.

Traffic Exchanges –

Traffic exchanges are sites which for every site you view, your site gets viewed in return. There are two types of traffic exchanges: Manual and Auto. A manual traffic exchange is one that requires you to click (or take action) in order for you to earn credit. Each time you click, the exchange shows you another site using the exchange and of course, the more you click, the more credits you earn and the more hits of your site you get. This method is a good way to establish your credibility and learn about what others are doing.

An auto surf exchange is an exchange where no clicking is involved and each site you visit rotates after a set amount of seconds. While auto surf exchanges are not known to be as effective as manual’s, they are very useful in driving traffic to sites. Some say that most people do not even pay attention to the sites that rotate in an autosurf, but I can tell you that I am one of those who does. And you should too. Both types are great ways to see what others are doing and in turn drive some traffic to your site.

Start a Newsletter-

I know this may sound difficult, but it really doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to write all the content, there are many writers and sites that would be more than happy to help provide content as long as they can have their name in your newsletter because it provides a means to advertise themselves. As your newsletter gets passed around, you build awareness of your site, establish your credibility and build an opt in list of subscribers who regularly visit your site.

Forums –

Forums are sites where you can share your knowledge, expertise and build relationships with others in your niche. The important part of posting in forums is to remember to make sure your post is relevant to that forum and to not post blatant ads of your niche in the forum. Forums have rules which they require members to follow. Most have rules regarding the posting of ads, some even have threads dedicated to advertising. Be sure to understand these rules because getting banned from a forum damages your credibility. Just be sure your post is relevant, provides information for the other members and does not violate the rules of the forum. The best way to advertise yourself in a forum is just to include a link to your site in the signature of your post. Signature links are a great low key way to advertise your site, establish your credibility and a good way to establish one way links back to your site. The more you post, the more you establish yourself and in doing so, the more traffic you drive to your site.

There you have it. Five ways to drive some traffic to your site without having to rob a bank to do it. All of these methods take time to implement and will not drive a boatload of traffic to your site overnight. But with a little time and work, you can begin to drive traffic to your site, establish your credibility, build trust with your readers and make some money.

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