How to add meta tag to blogger blog htanna blog
Meta+tag+blog1If you don’t know what is meta tag is? and whats its important is ? than this post will helpful to you add meta tag in you blog or website. Meta tag play a very important roll to gain traffic from search engine like Google, Yahoo, Msn, Bing and so on. There are three tag involve in meta tag Meta description, Meta keyword and Meta robot tag. in which meta description part is most important so as be careful while constructing meta description it  must not be exceed 150 characters.

Add Meta Tag To Blogger blog


There are two ways of adding meta tag in your blogger blog.

First way is log in to your blogger blog than go to Blogger Settings > Search Preferences .There is option to add meta tab in which have to allow permission to use meta tab make that option as “YES”. Than write you meta tag which is suitable for your blog.


Second way is manual installation, in which you have to create your own meta tag with html code and you just need to install it just below <head> tag in your blogger blog. Don’t be tense if you don’t know how to create meta tag html code simply follow steps which are mentioned below.

Step 1: generate your meta tag and copy that code.
Step 2: Log in into your blogger blog. And backup your template. ( How to backup your blogger template? )
Step 3: Now select Template > Edit HTML > Proceed button.
Step 4: Than find <head> tag by pressing (Ctrl+F).
Step 5: Now past your meta tag ( which we created in step 1 ) Just  below <head> tag.
Step 6: Save it. That set. Your meta tag is successfully installed.