Integrate Video Into Your SEO Marketing Strategy

The ever-changing algorithm has been frustrating marketers and SEO specialists for generations. However, the benefits of ranking number one on Google and other search engines make it more than worth it.  Despite the fluctuations in algorithms, there is one apparent signal: videos are favored and will rank higher on the search engine results page.  But why is video so important for SEO in 2021? And, more importantly, how do you optimize a video for SEO?  Let’s break down any confusion and shine a light on how the magic of video optimization can transform your small business into a globally recognized

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Htanna Blog SEO for your Landing Pages

Top 5 Ways to Optimize SEO for your Landing Pages

Do your blogs contain SEO-optimized content? Yes. Well, what about your website? 100%. And, SEO for your landing pages? Wait, what? This is exactly where business owners go wrong. The SEO optimization of landing pages is crucial to get a good amount of action takers to your page. Who will ever know about your landing page, if it does not show up? Of course, you can pay for it. But the last time I ever clicked on an ad before the first organic page is, oops, sorry, I do not even remember. And most people do the same. Trust me,

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Hiring a SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant: The Complete Guide to Hiring a SEO Consultant

If search engines such as Google and Yahoo don’t display your website on the first page, your potential customers won’t be able to know your existence. Better search engine visibility means better brand awareness and higher profits. It increases visits to your website and boosts your sales. But what if you don’t have the time to improve your website’s search engine ranking? After all, you also need to focus on your core business. Well, this is exactly when an experienced search engine optimization (SEO) consultant comes into play. SEO rankings are serious business and an SEO consultant knows how exactly

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Best 15 SEO Trends For 2020 That Will Influence Any Business – A Complete Guide

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the innovative ways to develop a website. It helps to increase a more extensive reach of audience and provide a higher percentage of website visits from any Internet users. For the business world, the use of SEO is an excellent way of digital marketing. It is used as a strategy especially since the Internet is vast and enormous today. As a result, many businesses are well-established online thereby garnering more potential customers. These can further lead to more revenue, as well. To help many businesses in SEO, they hire SEO freelancer who

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YouTube SEO Tips: How to rank successfully with your videos

Are you aware of that? YouTube is not only the widest reach video platform in the world, but also the second largest search engine after Google. In today’s basic article, we will introduce you to the most important ranking factors and give tips on how to optimize your videos and your YouTube channel in a search engine-friendly manner. In short: It’s about YouTube SEO. YouTube is an Eldorado for everyone: Not only for those who want entertainment or want to acquire new knowledge through a tutorial video. YouTube has more than 1.9 billion monthly active users and over 180 million

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10 Tips on How to Boost Your SEO Techniques 2020

Undoubtedly, Google loves changes and transformations. Google is also more than fond of changing and updating the algorithm of SEO, every now and then. Talking facts, after a year or so, there might be a possibility of around 500 and more changes. As we know that SEO is referred to as search engine optimization. Optimization of content is essential, as then the content is displayed on the search results. Since there are several numbers of changes it is natural to miss a thing or so. In case, you miss something by mistake in SEO, then it is again natural for

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Why Effective SEO Is Very Important For Efficient Web Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) ought to be thought about as an important aspect of any Internet marketing strategy. This is important since there is a lot which could be obtained from SEO in regards to Web marketing and marketing. Failure to optimize your site for search engines can lead to a considerable loss in terms of cost-free marketing and traffic which is basically gained from ranking well with search engines. This article will provide insight into what SEO is and will describe why Online marketing needs a minimum of some degree of SEO.

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Smart Ideas on Making your Blog – SEO Style

A successful Blog requires the same Internet techniques as a successful website. Of course this means traffic, visitors to your Blog. The number one requirement for optimal web traffic is SEO, search engine optimization. If you are new to Internet marketing, you need to learn how to optimize your Blog for search engines to produce results. Most people stumble upon Blogs when doing a search for something. If you use these smart ideas on making your Blog- SEO style, you will attract more visitors that are directed from search engine results. It is important to experiment with different techniques on

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