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The Big List of Powerful Punctuation and Grammar Checker Tools

Writing is a continuous process – it cannot be perfected. Everything you write can be written in multiple ways – and all of which might be correct, and relay the exact same message. The one thing, though, that you need to be cautious of while writing content of any form, is grammar and punctuation . It’s only with the right usage of grammar that you can establish yourself as a writer of repute. However, it is a known fact that once you have published an article, and relook at it after 6 months, you will not feel happy about what

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Ultimate Twitter Addons for Firefox Browser

Twitter is the most powerful microblogging service and so is Firefox among browser category. Without jumping to other sites, twitter extensions listed below allow you to post tweets, pictures, follow or unfollow friends, filter spam tweets, and much more. Below is the list of twitter addons for firefox browser that enhance twitter functionality for twitter addicts.   List of Twitter Tools or addons for Firefox Browser 1) Power Twitter 1.38 – It is a powerful firefox addon that allows you to share pictures on twitter via TwitPic. You can also view the original link behind the short URL, which makes you identify the content. If anybody shares only short link

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Migrate Disqus Comment from Old URL to New URL.

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]any a time its a found that website or blogger admin change the URL structure or Change the CMS ( Content Management System ) of their site for better SEO. Here all the SEO expert take a care to that all the old URL  properly move to Newer URL by using 301 redirect. But the main problem which seo expert facing is migration of the disqus comments. Disqus has identified this problem and given a provision to deal with it.

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Title And Meta Description Characters Counter for Website and Blog.

Before publishing post of blog or a website, We must have to take into consideration that how search engine will show your title and meta description. Reader will first focus on Title and meta description of indexed results and they will choose only those link which fulfil there desire. Google is a king of search engine we will talk about it. As when your result will appear in search engine it will show only 67 characters of your title, for better SEO it is comparably  for any individual that  they must be formulate title of post in 67 characters only

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