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Images are essential part of any kind of website. They create blog posts much more attractive. And also SEO Optimized Images can generate massive traffic from the search engines to your website. However, simultaneously, images may harm your readership as well as SEO when they have long to load. It is actually true that nobody would like to read a slow loading blog site. Google also considers website speed in the ranking issue. Images play a big role in raising or reducing page load time of your site. Later, I will discussed How to reduce image size applying WP Smush it wordpress plugin. It is nevertheless an amazing plugin to optimize uploaded images of a blog. You can use this image compressor plugin with the Yoast wordpress seo plugin and that will be a good work to optimize your site. Today, i am going to discuss about top 5 online image compressor to speed up your blog.

Online image compressor

However, there is a better way – Applying an online image optimizer tool. It is really simple to use. Simply pick an image as well as it will resize the image with no dropping quality. A good thing is, you can notice the quality and also size of the images prior to upload it to your blog. There is a variant regarding the image optimization tools that will assist you to shrink images without dropping quality. No matter if it’s JPEG, PNG or GIF, those tools can assist you to optimize your blog images. These tools will shrink images to enhance your site speed witjout losing image quality. In this article, I am going to be shared Top 5 online image compressor to Speed Up Your Blog.

Top 5 online image compressor to optimize your blog

1. TinyPNG

I said before that image compression is a great work indirectly to increase website traffic. So in this case, TinyPNG is the best tool for you. I have been applying this tool for some time. The majority of the images on this blog were optimized by TinyPNG online image compressor. This particular tool decreases the size of the PNG files by utilizing brilliant lossy compression techniques. This online image compressor also provides JPG compression, however I observed that it performs great for PNG file only. The incredible factor regarding the tool is, it saves images transparency. Recently it released TinyJPG for JPEG file compression. Their service plan is totally cost-free. It also provides addons for Photoshop as well as WordPress.

2. DIY jpg

DIY jpg is a helpful online image compressor for JPEG image optimization. This tool is mainly developed for bloggers as well as website keepers to make their images for web optimization. I quite often use this online image compressor tool to enhance and also compress jpg files. This excellent tool is developed by the operation experts at DIYWPblog & DIYthemes. You can be able to upload 20 images each time. Highest upload size is 5mb. You can save all files in a ZIP format.

3. Compressnow

Compressnow is an another free online image compressor. It will help you to decrease the weight of your images. A good thing regarding this tool is, it enables you to select % of compression to receive a outcome. It supports PNG , JPG, JPEG and also GIF file. The disadvantage of this tool is, it will not preserve the image transparency. You can upload 10 images at maximum 3MB every time. For one file, highest upload size will be 9MB.


When you wish to compress some other formats besides PNG or JPEG, then is actually for you. It supports JPEG, PNG, GIF and also SVG. This effective online image compressor tool decreases the size of images even keeping a high quality. They have two kinds of compression – Lossy & Lossless. I have tried out a PNG file in this tool and also the result was okay. It nearly saved 78% and quality was excellent. I used both lossy and lossless compression methods, but I did not discover any recognizable variation. You can compress 1 file each time and maximum image file size is 10MB.

5. Image Optimizer

It is an another online image compressor tool that compress, resize, and also optimize images. It is totally free and it offers a desktop version. It provides various compression levels like high quality, best quality, normal, little file size, very small file size, minimum file size etc. I have tried an image in normal quality level varient. The outcome was not too remarkable. It compress the photo from 491KB to 184KB. The result was simply okay. It permits only 1 image to shrink at a time.

Therefore, these are several online image compressor tools. I largely use TinyPNG & DIYjpg for my blog image optimization. But it is difficult to state one as the best image optimizer, all of these tools performs great on certain levels.

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