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Tvb+cutstom+domainBlogging is a passion that differentiate our self form others, It is self motivational factor for us. Many of the blogger who don’t having knowledge about web designing terminology, it is not necessary that every blogger having this all knowledge regarding it. I had find that many blogger who use sub-domain for there blog ( myname.blogspot.com, myname.wordpress.com and so on ) as it is free of cost but there is various drawbacks of using sub-domain which you are going to identify by following post.

What Is Custom Domain?

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You might have observe that many blogger user are changing there Sub-Domain URL myname.blogspot.com, myname.wordpress.com etc  to myname.com, myname.org, myname.net, myname.co.in and so on, that converted URL known as a Custom Domain For example my own blog is on blogger platform, tarsariya.blogspot.com is my subdomain and i have converted to custom domain that is www.tipsviablogging.in. Generally who is not aware about it thay are simply search on search engine like “How to remove .blogspot or .wordpress for blog url?” It is basically known as to pin your blogger or wordpress blog to Domain providers (Converting Sub domain into Custom Domain ). For that purpose we have to pay some amount to them which is on yearly bases there are many cheaper domain provider are there which is usually affordable price hardly 10$/year or If you are Indian than it is cheaper than it.

Why to Use/Buy Custom Domain For Blog?

Followings are the few reasons why you should use or buy custom domain for your blog.
  1. For The Purpose of Increasing Brand Image:
    Just Imagine if you created your blog with name like myblogurl.blogspot.com . After long spend of time your blog gets popular and some one else will register domain name with www.myblogurl.com, at that time it is very much Critical situation for you, For that purpose you must Go for Custom domain
    Another reason is that if you are providing services and product through your blog. It is psychology in the mind of customer that sub domain is trust less.So for the purpose of increasing brand image of your b log you must go for custom domain.
  2. For The Purpose of Earning Money Through Advertise Services:
    If you want to get approve your Google adsense, Buysellads and other services faster than you must have to use custom domain for your blog. Even if you are want to get direct advertiser for your blog, Advertiser prefer only those blog which having there own Custom domain.
  3. More Professional Look:
    As compare to sub domain owner your blog with .com, .net, . org and so on URL looks more professional. People will trust on your blog the word of mouth is playing very important roll in online marketing. If your business diversified in multiple department in this situation you will be able to use child domain for your business for example info.myblog.com, Advertise.myblog.com and so on.


  4. For Indexing Blog on Search Engine ( Search Engine Optimization ):
    Every Blogger user must have worried about there daily visitors, Sub-domain is a low quality domain for and SEO,One survey shows that up to 95% people who use search engine they use only this link which appear in front page of search engine. And custom domain is appear first in Seach result as compare to sub-domain URL ,  For the purpose of increasing indexing your blog in popular search engine like Google, Yahoo, etc. You must have to use custom domain.
    Another advantage is that your alexa rent and google page rank will start increasing fast, you might have observe that with sub-domain it is not increasing that much fast
  5. Easy To Remember Blog Address:
    It  is by-default nature of any blogger that what ever knowledge they have they will share it with the word. If there reader like it they are get happy and feel proud that they are be able to helping one one else, It is very much easy to remember sort address www.myblog.com rather than long on Address myblog.blogspot,com.
  6. Growing Online Business:
    As i have earlier mentioned that it is customers psychology that they are highly prefer only those blog which having there own custom domain, As it is easy to remember. Also word of mouth is there if you are providing prompt services and per need and requirement of visitor, ultimately not only they are using that blog but also they will reefer other to use it. Through Custom domain you will be able to get more subscriber and more Likes on Facebook page.
  7. Differentiate Our Self in This Comparative Word:In today scenario, There is cut throat competition prevailing in the market. If you want to differentiate your self form other than you mus have something extra with compare to other. There is very less number of people who blogging on internet as compare to people using social networking site in word. if you purchase Custom domain you will be able to create your own email address with your website name, For example i have created my own email id heeren.tanna@gmail.com which is not possible with sub-domain.
  8. To Increase Self Motivational.I want to give my own example when i use my old sub-domain url that is tarsariya.blogspot.in i am less bothering about my blog which direcly result in to less quilted post and less no. of post per month but when i purchase my own domain  i stated bothering about quality of the post, blog contain, facebook page line , Alexa ranking , Adsense earning and all this factor. It is human psychology that they need motivation to do something. It is motivational factor for me, and i hope so that it is also motivational factor for you.
I have writen this post as per my experience, What’s your opinion about whether to purchase domain or to Use free and default sub-domain  kindly share it with us.

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