10 Best Social Media Management Tools in 2022

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook dominate the communication gateway to consumers. They help artists and businesses connect with the mass audience. You can showcase your skills and attract attention as half of the global population uses some form of social media. 

One of the most effective ways of marketing a business is to stay relevant. Hence, creating and maintaining an online presence is of utmost importance. Many content creator has started using instagram to do affiliate marketing and they are always ready to create more content for their audience.

Managing the various features of social media platforms can be a bit overwhelming. But it is vital to understand the strategies. If you don’t plan your business strategy, no amount of good content will bring traffic to your page. And this is where social media management tools helps. 

Social media management is planning your content and studying the analytical reports. This helps to understand the flaws of your current plan and rectify them. 

The popularization of social media has led to dedicated instruments in the market. They help businesses to organize their presence on the same. These instruments are social media management tools.

Social media management tools help businesses to create, plan and analyze content for their page. They also help to optimize the content, which allows the business to generate organic traffic for their page.      

The budding importance and range of these tools got us thinking.  Hence, we have curated a list of 10 best social media management tools to choose from for your business. 

Why Modern Businesses Need Social Media Management Tools

Sometimes creating content is not enough to attract consumers or followers. As a business, you need to explore all the ends of social media algorithms. Social media has a lot to offer when it comes to marketing or increasing reach on the internet. To manage this space the social media management tools offer the following;

  • Planning and Scheduling Content
  • Engagement and Response Management
  • Social Monitoring and ROI Tracking
  • Competitors’ Analysis and Forecasting
  • Analytical Reporting and Statistics
  • Content and Campaign Management
  • 10 Best Social Media Management Tools


Buffer is a social media managing software that is available as a web extension and as a mobile device application. 

Buffer brings aboard the efficiency of planning and publishing content on your social media. 

Buffer can manage multiple accounts and cross-content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It stands out with its intuitive social media analysis. You can get insights on when, what, and how to post content on your social media platforms.   

Engaging with your followers and visitors is vital and Buffer understands that. Hence, it provides a space where you can stay connected with your consumers and followers. 


  • Helps in tracking progress and creating visual charts and reports. 
  • Assists in boosting posts and stories insights. 
  • Helps in understanding audience demographics.


Offers two plans starting from $5/month to $10/month. There is also a forever free plan and an enterprise plan that ranges at $100/month.


Hootsuite is an all-in-one social media management tool. The information on the latest trends, conversations and discussions helps the content creator in staying a step ahead.  With this information, you can plan and schedule your posts.

Hootsuite offers a seamless work system with internal communication. You can stay connected with your consumers with inbox interactions. It also manages the content within your creative teams. You can manage your performance and get an in-detail personalized report for analysis. 

Marketing and campaigns can be easily planned and organized with Hootsuite. It offers real-time audience reactions for the posts and campaigns which gives a clear idea to the businesses. 


  • A unified dashboard for managing all the accounts in one place.  
  • Calendar view to analyze content reports. 
  • Real-time campaign analysis.


Hootsuite offers three plans ranging from $25/month to $589/month. It also has an enterprise plan which is custom paid.  

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is the unified solution for managing and scheduling content. This platform is for use across social media channels. It offers social monitoring and data analysis giving you a clear picture. Where you can analyze what content to post and how well it will perform.

Sprout Social expands the reach by providing Employee Advocacy.  This feature is for businesses where employees work closely with the campaigns. Here, employees too can share and schedule content on multiple social media platforms. 

Sprout Social has a powerful CRM and response management.  You can get insights into your customer’s personal details. These can help in creating tailor-made content. This will enhance the user experience and the reach for your content. Hence, Sprout Social stands as one of the best social media management tools.  


  • Provides insightful analysis on the competitors which helps in gaining advantage. 
  • Access a central multimedia library to create engaging content across platforms. 
  • Provides workflows for enterprise, small businesses and agencies. 


Sprout Social offers three paid plans for its user which start at $89/month and can range up to $279/month. The plans have annual and monthly billing policies.  

Social Hub

Social Hub is a powerful social media management tool. It integrates for organizations, offices, and governments. In view of its main interest, audience and clients, it aids at an effective, versatile, and secure platform. 

Social Hub assists in boosting engagement and responding faster with a collaborative box. It also helps in building valuable and authentic relationships with clients. 


  • Track keywords and hashtags across platforms with Smart Inbox.
  • Centralized content planning. 
  • Pre-approved templates and draft posts for collaborative responses. 


Social Hub offers a paid plan for $99 month/user  and also offers a free trial. 


Sprinkl is an intricate social media management tool. It offers enterprises to manage their social media content with ease. Sprinklr assists brands with building connections and making positive associations. You can interact anywhere with your clients across 35+ social media channels. All from a solitary Unified-CXM platform. A unified CXM platform is an AI-powered forum. It that can automate marketing, managing and publishing content.  


  • A unified-CXM platform
  • Advertising, campaign and content management.
  • Forecasting and augmented analysis. 


The pricing for Sprinkl depends on your enterprise size and the plan you choose. Hence, there is standard pricing. You can explore the interface by requisition a demo. 


Like the other social media management tools, AgoraPulse follows the one-stop cycle. You can publish and manage social media content all in one place. Agro Pulse offers a range of intuitive features for social managers. Like scheduling and reporting tools. 

You can conduct an analysis of your competitors to stay ahead in the game. Create team management forums to delegate tasks easily. AgoraPulse also offers a CRM platform.  You can gather customer databases and enhance your content accordingly. 

Agro Pulse provides a seamless system to stay connected with the messages. You can manage comments across all the platforms with social monitoring. 


  • Scheduling tool offers queue and bulk postings.
  • Create custom reports of data analysis.
  • Manage real-time messages with collaborators. 


AgoraPulse offers two paid plans costing $79/month and $159/month respectively. You can also explore as an enterprise where the pricing is custom made. 


Sendible, as an intuitive social media management tool, offers all the key features. You can schedule and publish the content. It also helps in reporting and social monitoring of the content. This gives a better idea of the targeted trends and competitor activities. 

Sendible also offers visual posts for a shared calendar of client content. It has powerful collaboration tools and integrations like Google Analytics. 


  • Manage and collaborate on client content calendars.
  • Generate in-depth reports on social media and engagement reports for social activities. 
  • Automate update messages for the teams and clients.


Sendible provides four paid plans ranging from $29/month to $399/month. It also offers a 14 day free trial to explore the interface.  

Post Planner

Post Planner is a web-based social media marketing tool. It assists firms with content planning, scheduling and discovery. You can also track your progress and generate analytical reports for your content. Post Planner helps in organizing brand content like images and videos. It also offers extensive collaboration tools for the teams. 


  • Live preview of the posts and content on your account.
  • Offers collaboration tools and brand customization.
  • Provides keyword filtering and social monitoring of the client’s content.


Post Planner offers four paid plans for small businesses and enterprises ranging from $7/month to $79/month. 


eClincher creates brand reach at the core of your social media marketing system. It helps your social media ROI and saves hours by building your efficiency. With various management features, eClincher grows your business across all social media channels. Like all the other tools mentioned above, eClicher also offers a powerful set of scheduling and planning tools. 


  • Offers keyword tracking and multi-channel marketing.
  • Effective review generation and response management. 
  • Provides ROI and engagement tracking. 


eClincher offers three paid plans starting from $59/month to $119/month. It also offers a 14-day free trial. 

Social Pilot

Manage all your multiple account strategies and automate post scheduling with Social Pilot. It helps in tracking and organizing client relations. You can conduct research on your posts and create engaging content. Social Pilot also offers social monitoring of content.  You can analyze competitors’ content to get a broader perspective. 


  • Offers automated publishing and lead management.
  • Provides conversion tracking and analytics.
  • Assists in multi-campaigns and multi-account management.


Social Pilot offers four paid plans for small businesses starting from $10/month to $100. 

Final Thoughts: Which Social Media Management Tool Is For You?

Choosing the best social media management tool can be a tedious task. Hence we are here to help you out. 

By and large, we suggest Buffer as one of the best free social management tools. It offers a complete package of features with;

  • Automated publishing and scheduling.
  • Report analysis and tracking.
  • Boosting engagement and response management.

Buffer provides a forever plan for beginners and start-ups. It also provides services for small businesses and enterprises. Hence, Buffer is an all-in-one platform for all the desired tools. 

To mention a few alternatives, 

For Individuals – Post Planner 

For Small Business – Social Pilot 
For Large Enterprises – Sprinkl  

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