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Htanna blog video marketing

Integrate Video Into Your SEO Marketing Strategy

The ever-changing algorithm has been frustrating marketers and SEO specialists for generations. However, the benefits of ranking number one on Google and other search engines make it more than worth it.  Despite the fluctuations in algorithms, there is one apparent signal: videos are favored and will rank higher on the

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Htanna blog seo for your landing pages

Top 5 Ways to Optimize SEO for your Landing Pages

Do your blogs contain SEO-optimized content? Yes. Well, what about your website? 100%. And, SEO for your landing pages? Wait, what? This is exactly where business owners go wrong. The SEO optimization of landing pages is crucial to get a good amount of action takers to your page. Who will

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2021 lead generation strategies

Lead Generation Strategies That Will Trend in 2021!

Leads are an essential element that fuels your marketing and sales goals. It is vital to procure quality leads that can be your future customers. But with so many lead generation strategies and methods, you cannot expect expertise in every different field. Here comes the role of hiring Inbound lead

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Startup trends 2021

Startup trends to establish a successful startup in 2021

Beginning a business on the planet we live in today is definitely not a difficult interaction. Individuals can begin their startup venture utilizing a steady Wi-Fi association and respectable shrewd gadget. Nonetheless, they won’t figure out how to arrive at their objectives without following the greatest startup patterns. Shockingly, that

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Marketing mistakes to avoid

Marketing Mistakes To Avoid in 2021

With new brands on the rise, customers are spoilt with choice for buying even the smallest of things. In that scenario, making your brand the preferred choice for all the customers becomes difficult. However, you can achieve that by keeping your existing customers satisfied and adopting excellent marketing techniques that

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