About Emotional Freedom Technique

Experience a different way of relieving yourself from all the emotional pains and anxieties that life brings by Emotional Freedom Technique training. If you have heard already what is this training all about, well good for you but for those who do not know about this, let’s have a quick look on its definition.

A new method had evolved known as Emotional Freedom Technique is now included in the field of therapy, this make us of the points in acupuncture but the only difference is that it does not use needles. And you don’t have to be afraid with this method because even doctors and therapist use this method of relieving emotional problems. Even though it sounds like it is not true the purpose of the method is to help people overcome powerful emotions and memories. War trauma, phobias and others can be coming from accidents and these could only be healed by a therapy that would take time before a person can be cured.

The emotional freedom technique is the one that will help you manage your emotions; emotions that make you sad and the pains it give. The EFT or known as “tapping therapy” it is like performing an acupressure but in this therapy the acupressure is for your emotions and it is done by tapping the meridian points of the body by using the fingers. The process is easy and simple that is why you can do it anytime regardless with the place and you can make use of your fingertips. It gently and quickly releases all the negative emotions and these emotions are the source of your problems in life.

The famous Emotional Freedom Technique training is founded by Gary Craig and he also provide the kinds of procedure in his own website. And did you know that Gary Craig has no proper education of being a psychologist nor a therapist, he is really an engineer and an ordained minister. The purpose of Gary is not to influence the Bible with EFT but his emotional freedom technique training is using the spiritual aspect as a guide.

EFT? Is it Helpful in Managing My Negative Emotions?

Our past is the part of our lives that can’t be erased but can be corrected. Not all people who had experienced a dark past can easily accept it and move on face a new life, if people are too weak in facing this their body’s energy will be blocked by these negative emotions and can cause many pains in your body and your emotions also affected. EFT can literally unblock the energy flow and can help you accept the past and move on from it and can ease all the physical pain.

EFT is the best medicine for all your sufferings from emotional problems like having phobia, anxiety, stress, depression, and fears, it is also helpful for all your physical pains. Some time I had this problem in my back and I can’t sleep because of the pain, and my friend recommended me to use this EFT and after having it my pain was all gone, so for me it is really effective. EFT is not only for adults but its also use to help kids to control their feelings like anger, their behavior and pains, trauma and the usual problem bedwetting.

Do you think it is only available for humans? Definitely not it could also be very beneficial for pets. Are you having problems in dealing for the behavior of your pets? Try EFT to deal with it smoothly. An example is that your dogs who usually chew everything he can see could not be considered as wrong behavior. Dogs also have their own worries too.

Having Extra Weight? Use EFT to reduce it!

Emotional Freedom Technique training should also be considered in your weight loss training. When we are down we usually make ourselves busy eating, the EFT tapping will reduce your appetite. If you use the EFT as a program for losing weight, for sure you will have the best result, and you can have the best body ever.

EFT is has many uses for, emotional problems, physical problem and it can also help you deal with relationship problems. If you had lost courage in fulfilling your dreams in life, EFT can also help you bring back your courage and stand up again to achieve your dreams. It can be use in many problems in life like emotional problems, physical problems that has relation with pain, behavioral problems with humans and animals.

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