The title of this article is not meant to be sarcastic. It is to grab your attention and explain a problem that runs rampant on many ecommerce web sites. It could easily be your #1 sales promotion problem. When I visit a web page, there is nothing worse than to be told, “Hey, our new widget turnstile is now available! Buy it here.” Even if I know about the widget, because I already have it and use it, I may not know what a turnstile is nor under what circumstances I might use it. Why do I need it? How will it make my life easier?

When you offer a product or service, you need to explain it in detail to your visitors. Never assume that they already know what it is or that they read your last newsletter describing it. Your site visitors will likely have just found you, and if they have to search to find out what it is you are selling and how it can benefit them, they won’t stay at your site very long. You lose a sale.

People surf the internet for three main reasons:

1) find information
2) make a purchase
3) for fun and socialization

If you are selling a product or service you need to be sure that #2 is what your visitors do before they leave your site. Or they if they leave without making a purchase, be sure they take along with them plenty of hardy information about your product or service, prices, and value.

You can do this by explaining in text (and illustrative graphics) exactly what you are offering them, why they need it, how it will make their work or personal life easier, how much money they will be saving by purchasing it from you rather than your competitors, etc.

Don’t assume that they have seen your competitors site and already know you offer a better deal. Even if they have visited your competitors, remind them in a brief summary form why your product or service is a better value. Be sure to point out your product or service strong points. If you offer service after the sale, make that clear. Many online buyers are reluctant to purchase from a site if they do not provide technical support when they have questions.

Above all … state truths. Never lie or trick your visitors about anything just to make a sale. Never use pre-programmed scripts that state something like this: “This offer is good only until [one day after they visited your site].” Some people may be fooled once, but you will never see that customer again, because they will figure it out easily when they visit your site in a week and the same message appears only this time, it is one day later than the present day. Fooling your customers into buying tells your visitors that your products are not selling and you have to trick people into buying them. It speaks volumes about your low credibility and business ethics too. Providing a sincere, trusting environment is critical for any business especially online businesses, because the next web site is only one mouse-click away.


Heeren Tanna, a Digital Marketing Consultant, Trainer and Speaker on a mission to help 10,000 people in starting a business online and making a full time income from it.

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