3 Pitfalls of Link Building

All search-engine-optimization methods use link building to establish a site as an authority. There is no questioning the fact that certain types of backlinks play a major role in getting your site on the first page of search engines and keeping them there for a long time. How will it payoff? The easy answer is that you will profit from the increase of traffic. The impact that backlinks have on Google ranking is so huge that many people have made backlinking a large part of their seo strategy and try anything that someone tells them may work. But the sad part is that many people who are just starting out misunderstand the whole point of getting links. When you go out spamming your site’s link any and everywhere; you are only wasting your time.

If your links aren’t relevant then you will lose search engine ranking. The most important part of building links to your site is doing it in a natural way. The search engines dislike irrelevant backlinks and always find them when analyzing and calculating your site’s placement, so; the most effective thing to do is give it what it wants. If you do things the right way then your site will be rewarded. Getting quality, relevant links is the key, instead of focusing solely on the number of incoming links. The usual link building strategy, which is also the wrong way, is to go out and place your site’s link on all the sites that you can get away with. In simple words, this will lead to nothing but failure.

One ethical link building method that internet marketers have long recognized is using link exchanges. But the downside to these exchanges is that many shady webmasters are just waiting to cheat you. There are many link buying scams out there that prey on webmasters eagerness for links; you can end up with “no follow” links, or links that seem to be valid but then when you check them a week later are gone. Always remember to verify that any links you purchase are “do follow” and that they are still there after you pay for them. Selling backlinks has become a very profitable business and a temptation for scam artists, so you can’t assume you are always getting what you paid for.

Furthermore, you should never link to any sites that has a bad reputation because it will carry over to your site.

Hey, if you want Google to view you as recommending these scrupulous sites then go right ahead. This is why before you even make the effort to link to any site, you must check their reputation.

Furthermore, you should never link to any sites that has a bad reputation because it will carry over to your site.

When you’re linking to these sites, technically you’re telling Google that you recommend them, which results in a penalty coming your way. Keeping a close eye on your site’s outbound links will save your reputation in the eyes of Google.

Always try to get links from websites that are one way, highly relevant, and that have a high pagerank. If you do this right, your site will become a powerhouse on the first page for some very competitive keywords, and you know what that can mean. This always pays in the long run, as it’s the safest approach. Today, it takes an ethical approach to make big money online and to keep making it.

Link building mistakes can be very detrimental to the health of your website and internet business. If you follow these tips, you should be able to avoid most of the more common link building errors.

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