Google Has launch New And Improved Official Blogger Mobile Apps.

Google Has launch New And Improved Official Blogger Mobile Apps.

In today’s comparative word, Technology is keep updating when new technology is emerge the old one is get isolate. As now a days mobile phone is now not a simply phone. Its use in multiple purpose that enable to stay connected to the world wherever you are. Blogger had Already introduced there mobile apps before but due to technology innovation they updated that application. One of the leading characteristics of a Effective blogger is punctuality in posting. Many a time blogger owner facing difficulties to update there post when they are not having laptop or computer specially in case when they are on traveling or holidays. With that in mind, Google team has just launched new and improved official blogger mobile application. Currently this Application is available on Android and iOS. In the iOS app it will support iPad (sharing posts with Google+, landscape support, additional language support). In Android application users also get additional language support.

Screenshot of Application


  • Compose a post & Publish.
  • Add labels to your posts
  • Saving post to draft.
  • View list of saved and published posts.
  • Uploading Images, Taking Picture From mobile.
  • Add location information

Where Through Get The Application

Followings are the two free source through which you will get the application.Android


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