How To Earn Money From Facebook (Now Meta)

What do you think, Facebook is no longer innovative after introducing so many new applications and other social media.

You might be getting wrong because still Facebook has two billion monthly active users who are using Facebook.

Those users are not only using Facebook for entertainment purposes but also use it to increase their brand value and popularity.

So it is clear that individuals and business owners are using Facebook to generating their profit.

Earning money from Facebook might be tough. It can be difficult to stand out on Facebook because of its vast size of audience and competitor and this is also true that Facebook does not show every user on the search list of the people.

Therefore, when you posting, your content is most likely to reach 2%-3% of the audience. So to become successful on Facebook the first necessary things is to have followers and likes on your profile and post. Without having likes or followers your profile could not be reliable

or trusted to your audience. There this many ways to increase your Facebook likes & Followers, So are paid methods and some are long time effort methods.

I have pointed out some ways to make money on Facebook in an order of practicality.

After working full-time for more than 5 years, I have planned to do something new and I started my new agency where people can promote their social media and increase the audience reach in a short time.

From my vast experience in that field, I just try to share my knowledge and help people who want to earn money from Facebook.

How to earn money from Facebook step by step guide.

  1. Earn Money from Selling Products on Facebook.
  2. Earn Money from Video Views.
  3. Earn Money from Selling Service
  4. Earn money from Affiliate Marketing
  5. Earn Money by becoming an Influencer
  6. Earn Money by Adsense
  7. Earn Money by selling online Courses

*Earn Money From Selling Products on Facebook.

This is the easiest way to reach the potential customer via Facebook.

As A digital marketer, one thing I really like about Facebook is the kind of data they have on every single user on the platform.

If users do any activity on Facebook, they have captured that information and bucketed you into a list of audiences.

So this is the best time to start selling your product on Facebook. Before that, you have to create a page where you will upload your product image with a description.

If your page is new then you might need the help of Facebook to boost your page or you can take help from an agency who also will help you to increase your audience’s reach and your page & post likes.

So now this will require you to invest some money initially but this is the easiest way to sell your products and make money from Facebook.

Earn Money from Facebook Ads

In 2022, Earning money from facebook ads become one of the most popular ways nowadays. when your video gets views then you could earn money from these views.

Facebook video creators who create original videos can now monetize videos by inserting ads into certain videos.

Facebook allows creators to monetize ads in three ways: Pre-roll, mid-roll, and image adds

Eligibility Criteria for Monetizing Facebook Videos:

The first condition is you must publish videos from a page, not from a profile.

  • Have 30,000+ *One Minute views*
  • Have 10,000 *Page Followers*
  • Publish 3-minute videos.

For know more about monetization information, Please visit the link

*Earn Money from Selling Service

Facebook is a place where you also can sell some services and make money. This does not mean selling digital services but rather real services on the facebook.

You might have noticed that some people spamming on groups with images of services such as bathroom cleaning, Pest control, Plumber service, pet sitting, etc.

With the right kind of targeted ads, you can actually sell some of your services and make some money.

*Earn Money selling Digital Marketing Service via Facebook

To be a part of many Facebook groups I have seen a great demand for the digital marketer on Facebook.

Digital marketing services take a great demandable place nowadays.

In fact, one of my friends got hired by a company in the USA to take care of their digital marketing on Facebook and he was making around USD 3000 per month.

But this kind of role requires significant expertise and I would not recommend trying this method before you know digital marketing.

To learn this skill you can attend any good facebook marketing course then proceed with offering digital marketing services on Facebook to make money.

*Earn money from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a technique by which if you can sell anything due to your digital activity, you get a small commission for the product or service promotion.

And facebook become one of the great places to promote your affiliate product in front of millions of audiences.

To start with affiliate marketing, you need to become an affiliate with some product or service and start promoting those.

Facebook groups are a great way to do affiliate marketing where you can find relevant groups, join them and start promoting your product to drive commission.

But you should be careful to not spam the group and try to get sales as this will lead to your admins blocking or removing you from the group.

* Earn money by Becoming an influencer.

A lot of people think that becoming a Facebook influencer is easy, it is not.

A few years back when facebook’s algorithm was defined in such a way that organic posts got wider reach, becoming an influencer was easy.

Now with organic reach declining, it takes a lot of work and you need to be consistent in providing engagement to your followers to become an influencer.

I am not saying it can not be done but it will take time.

Hope you have enjoyed the article and found this post useful for you.

Thanks 🙂

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