Secrets of Ranking Your profile at a Freelancing Sites on TOP!

It is interesting to know that anyone can earn $1000+ every month from True lancer (FreeLancer) just by proving to clients his skills.

Do you know how this can be achieved?


The true launcher profile gets its ranking through a particular keyword. The skills are matched with these keywords and was listed on the top among all profiles and keywords. The ranking of the profiles through these keywords are done using some algorithms which are not known exactly to anyone. I can help you to know the way for ranking your profile on True lancer with the help of some easy steps.

First Step To Rank On A Freelancing Sites

Before starting with it, it is recommended for you to visit and make your profile on (or any another freelancing sites), fill your complete details like your skills, photographs and get your profile complete. This might help you a lot in ranking your profile. Because everyone likes to get know all the details before hiring.

Once you are done with your profile work to True lancer, you can then look for various jobs, tasks, projects on this website. This process of getting more jobs on would be improved by ranking your profile at top with keyword.

Now for ranking your profile on true lancer at top, start applying the below mentioned tips. When I applied these tips a month before, I started getting few projects on Blog Writing(of approx. $50 per project).

Now it’s your turn to rank your profile on top and receive various projects and a chance to earn money online. Ranking your profile can be done in 24-48 hours for some keywords as – “WordPress (It shows all the related jobs for the keyword WordPress”, “SEO (same like all the keywords)” etc.

Some Secrets Of Ranking Your profile at a Freelancing Sites

The tips are as follows:

NOTE: Before Applying the secret tips you should be sure of the thing that you have your profile made on with photograph and complete description.

Create A Simple Account on True lancer

Your first step would be creating a dummy account on true lancer and then hiring the original profile with minimum of 5 & 6 services. Other thing is ratings and reviews. Try giving the full ratings and positive review. This would lead losing of few dollars.

Drive Visitors to your Profile

Driving visitors to your profile will help you in ranking the profile. Try to drive as many visitors as u can may it be real or fake. Sending minimum of 200-300 visitors on your page would help in good ranking process.
Number of ways can be used for sending the visit as-

  • Through social media
  • Through your Blog
  • Through your friends to communicate among others.
    This step will be useful for enhancing your profile popularity and will be easy for the companies for hiring freelancers.

Use accurate tags

Using of accurate tags in profile is one of the important factors. Accurate tags in your profile means ensuring you’re ranking on true lancer.
Example: For SEO services “SEO”,”SMM”,”Link building”- all related to SEO services.

Know your competitors

Knowing your competitor would help in knowing your present rankings. For this, go on the true lancer and explore on a particular keyword. Steps for doing this are:
 First go on the site
 Tap on Hire Freelancer
 In search box, look for your keyword as “Keyword name
(Example: write “Logo Designing”)
Now the top profile list related to your searched keyword will be visible.
As the list appears, examine any top two profiles. Have complete glance over the various finished services and the ratings of the top profile freelancers.

Practical Look

After examining the top two profiles, compare both.
Comparison can be done on the following points-

  •  Their rankings
  • Services delivered
  • Their followers
     Feedbacks
     Ratings

Above mentioned all the factors are necessary for ranking the profile on top, but ratings and feedbacks are the priority for the true lancer profile ranking. Therefore emphasize more on collecting good feedbacks and ratings.

There should always be a hidden secrets behind every successful work. Here we had reveled some Secrets of Ranking Your profile at a Freelancing Sites on TOP!

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