List of Disqus Comment Tutorial, Tips and Tricks for Blogger.


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his post is consist with the number of blogger tips and tricks to synchronize disqus comment platform inside the blogger blog. Up till now i had shared number of blogger tips, tricks and the tutorial, here is a list of post related to the disqus. If you had already using disqus or you planning to move on disqus comment than this post will be minestrone for it. There is always debatable topic that which one is the best? well their is a saying that “A coin has a two side, one is positive and another one is negative” Through this entire post, if you  go through each post, you will be able to make perfect decision as per your need and preference.   

List of disqus comment tips and tricks for blogger.

The first step which each blogger need to follow that is, to installing disqus comment box inside the blogger template. Generally new visitors are moving to this comment box as it is having feature of multiple log in facility, customization of style (Only in old infrastructure) , and other many more feature.    
Once i had find that blogger having bugs that it cant allow any website to add widget directly in blogger layout, so to deal with this situation i had written this tutorial about how to add disqus comment manually inside blogger template. Still there are also third party template that doesn’t allows blog admin to add disqus comment box automatically, for those people here is a solution through which you will be able to solve the problem. 
Once you install disqus comment successfully in your blogger blog, The biggest question stick to you mind that “what about the existing blogger comments?” well you don’t need to worried about it, you can now install all the blogger comment in to disqus comment platform. Be sure the reverse of the is not possible, currently you can not migrate all the Disqus comment in to blogger comment in case you want to remove disqus comment.
Disqus has introduce a earning from your blog feature they given name as a Discovery Feature, where through you will be able to monetize your blogger blog. 
it is found that diqus has changed their website for its more attractiveness and their internal matters, and hence many people find the difficulties to find code for the recent comment, for those people here I had developed widget generator for you. 

Disqus Combined Widget ( people, Recent, Popular Tab ) Generator For Blogger.

As had earlier told that the entire infrastructure gets changed, it is very difficult to find proper code for its widget, one of this widget is called Combined widget. Combined widget is combined with people, recent and the popular tab which generally found on the sidebar of the blog.

There are many people who want to get more and more advantages blogger, facebook and the Disqus comment, for those people here is a post which provides tutorial about how to add multiple comment box inside blogger template along with the Disqus comment box.
Many a time many people wants to remove disqus comment as their own reasons for it you are able to remove disqus comment and will be able to retrieve blogger comment back, but remember that you will not be able to migrate disqus comment in to blogger comment. 


Having a knowledge about all the aspect to deal with the blogger and disqus, help blogger to find a quick solution. This post had cover a many important aspect for the same, if even you find that anything is remaining in it you can request me to write on it. Feel free you ask we are waiting for your response.

  1. Awesome Post Umesh , Disqus is definitely better than any other loved it bro.
    Check out My blog too Umesh.

  2. Hello, why you are no implement Disqus Comments in your blog??

  3. Awesome Post bro 🙂 Keep it up..


  4. Nice article @Umesh brother, keep helping to beginners.

    but i also like blogger default comment system.

    check my Indian Educational info blog :

    • Reply
      Amit Swarup Kumar Rai 9 August, 2014 at 4:47 AM

      Same, I love Disqus. Of course I don’t use WordPress either, so I don’t
      have as nice of a free native commenting alternative. Still, I always
      found Disqus ridiculously easy and provided people with a lot of choices
      of how they want to comment.

      • wow that’s call brad royal brand loyal user of disqus, by providing exclusive feature and services it wins the heart of visitors. Thanks a lot for adding value to this post by comment.

    • nice blog bro, i pray to god for your success, well the selection of comment box relies on many thing. Like who are your visitors, your personal belief and so on. even I am also using blogger default comment ^-^

  5. Need help…In my site I am using Disqus for comments.When others who are not logged into Disqus tries to comment it asks them to register to Disqus.Whereas in some websites,I have seen the same Disqus comment system,in which it has an option to post comments as a guest(by displaying pick a name or register).How do I get it?

  6. I surely didn’t knew there were so many uses and tricks for disqus… And the monetization of blog using disqus brings in a total new ball game… Thanks Umesh… Have a great day…

  7. I am very thankful to the author to write this fruitful information.

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