Ultimate Guides to On Page SEO of a Blogger Blog.

On Page SEO of a Blogger Blog[dropcap]A[/dropcap]n Ultimate Guide for a blogger beginners who want to make their each blogger page and post Search engine friendly through on page search engine optimization. Here In this post you will find the core tips for SEO which is the leading factor to be have to considers while designing, writing and optimizing post in search engines. For the purpose of gaining a traffic from search engine, we have to have the both the side on page optimization and the off page optimization also, we will discus off page optimization on latter stage of other post. But Right now lets move on core tips to make our blog SEO friendly through On page optimization.

On page Optimization Guides For Blogspot Site.

On Page SEO through keyword Research.

Keyword research is a first and pioneer thing to be consider before writing any content of a blogger post. If you want that your post will be index in the top ranking position in search engine than firstly we have to go through the keyword research. Without it you may get few post on raking position ( By luck ) But not  the all.

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Keyword Density.

Keyword Density is directly related with repetition of keyword in the content, Use the keyword as much as you link with the sentences without loosing its meaning, Because reader will feeling bored to read and they will simply close the site. It will cause to increase bounce rate of your blog. So be careful while using keyword in content.

Use Of LSI keywords in Post.

LSI stands for “Latent Semantic Keywords“. Use the synonymy words of the keyword in permalink, title and heading tag which you had found through keyword research. This will increase the probability of ranking your blog post on top of the search result

For Example see below screenshot.

LSI example SEO
In This i had search on google as  “offers in shri balaji gems“, at the same time i had find bold keyword deals in permalink which  helped this post to rank  at first position.

Submit Blog To Webmaster Tools.

Through submitting sitemap we are not only telling search engine to index our new pages but also we will find crawl error link server error, not found error etc which helps us to identify issue and fix it. A part from their are many feature which is helping to the blog developers.

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Reduce Your blog Load Time.

Taking too much loading time of any website will never preferred by the visitor and search engines also, If your blog facing such issue than you have to work on it. This issue might be related with the selection of the template designs, Number of post on home page, too much unnecessary widgets on the blog, too much large size images in post etc.

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Write and Formatting Longer Content of Post.

Generally longer content of the post having the more probability of indexing as compare with the shorten one, Well its depends on the kinds of topic that you select.

The post formation refers to the presentation skills. This skills are not only related with the writing content but also it’s matter how effectively you are using formation tools to give it better look and feel.

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Setup Post Title Before Blog Title Structure.

The default structure of a title post of the blogger blog is highlighting the blog title first followed by the blog post title, Visitor highly concerned with the post title rather than a blog title, So it is advisable that to show post title first than the blog title.

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On Page SEO through Image Optimization.

Optimization of the images is also play a very important roll for SEO,  For the purpose of optimizing images in search engine one must have to work on suitable format, Image size, keyword in name and inserting title and Alt tag in images.

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Improve URL structure.

Unfortunately Blogger has only one URL structure, but you can customize keyword in the link, Use only three to four keyword ( You may use LSI keyword their ) as it is SEO friendly. This will also help you to optimize your post in search engine.

Inserting Meta Description To Each Post.

Meta description is a soul of any SEO. Blogger just introduce the dynamic meta description to the blogger post, use this feature write meta description in 150 characters with as many as targeted keyword you want to use it. Meta description will tells the search engine that the what is the post is all about?

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Enable Blogger Search Preference Setting

Blogger has a core competency of user friendliness. blogger has a feature to setup a blogger search preference setting through the dashboard, just enable all the feature like meta tag, 404 error and redirect, crawlers and indexing like robots.txt and the custom header tag.

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On Page SEO through Internal Links.

As you might have noticed that i had attached many internal links to this post, this is not only helping me to guide you but also helping me to optimize it on search engine. Link the related post to the text in the content.

You can also add widgets like related post below post title, recent comment widget, Top popular post widget and Recent Post widget in sidebar.

For any blog or site owner the on page optimization is a essential factors to gain traffics from the search engines. We can define it as a soul of any blog. Visitors are only gets in touch with your blog only when our blog is frequently ranking in search engines, The core psychology behind is repetition of the indexing blog in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and other search engines. So we can say that for the ultimate success of a blog career is highly depend on “how effectively we have done steps on each factors of SEO?”, So here i also want to know strategies for on page optimization,  share what kind of steps you follows. I am waiting for your expert strategic comment. ^-^

  1. Hello Umesh,
    Well no doubt Onpage seo plays a major role in SEO and helps in getting traffic. All the mentioned tips are really worth reading informative too.


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  4. Great post Umesh,
    On Page SEO is the thing required today to rank a post on search results. I got to learn about LSI keywords from this post and how to use it on blogspot.
    Thanks for sharing these tips with us 🙂

  5. Hi arbaz, first of all i am very glad to see you landed on this blog. for the blogging success, we must have to work on SEO part of a blogging. without it our post will not Rank in the google and any other search engines. Glad to know that this post help you to enhance your knowledge on LSI keywords. Stay in touch hope to see you again.

    1. Hi dear, On Page SEO on Blogspot or blogger blog will help you to gain Organic traffic from google, yahoo, msn and many more search engine. Glad to see you here keep in touch.

    1. wow, i like your way of expression of thanks, I hope everyone start thanking me as the same way :P, joke a part. On Page SEO of the website or blog are similar just we need to follow each point, In SEO, on page optimization play a very important role, which we never need to ignore. Thanks for landing on this blog, i hope you will subscribe our social networking site and email alerts.

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  7. Undoubtedly, these factors can help your blog to attain a large amount of traffic. But still there are many other factors on which the traffic of a blog depends.

    1. wow, its give a great pleasure when my blog help some one in blogging SEO. Rather than you tell me thank i will thanks to you for landing here and sharing your experience with our reader. Thanks for adding value to this Post.

  8. Blogging is vital when it comes to online awareness of your product or services, I think well unique content is pillar or strong seo.

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  10. hi Guys very nice post much more effective and informative for us it will really helps when we doing seo

    1. @bob Rushing,

      Keyword Density is the ratio of percentage, that how many time your keywords appears on the same page with comparison of total numbers of words of the page.

  11. Hi Heeren Tanna, I am from the same marketing industry but don’t know about the LSI Keywords. This post really help me allot to learn something new about On-Page SEO.
    Thanks For Sharing.

  12. Hello Dear, On Page SEO on Blogspot or blogger blog will help you to gain Organic traffic from google, yahoo, msn and many more search engine.I really liked your website. Please keep writing posting to help others.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this incredible and easy to read information. Best SEO techniques are a must in order to get dedicated and consistent traffic. You have mentioned everything in detail and that too in a crisp manner.

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