Migrate Disqus Comment from Old URL to New URL.

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]any a time its a found that website or blogger admin change the URL structure or Change the CMS ( Content Management System ) of their site for better SEO. Here all the SEO expert take a care to that all the old URL  properly move to Newer URL by using 301 redirect. But the main problem which seo expert facing is migration of the disqus comments. Disqus has identified this problem and given a provision to deal with it.

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With proper SEO aspect consideration,  recently I had migrated my blogger blog to WordPress. The  URL Structure of my blog is completely gets changes..

Old URL: https://www.heerentanna.com/blog/setup-disqus-tips-tricks.html

New URL:

I am using multiple comment system on my blogger blog, it is very easy to migrate blogger comment to the WordPress, But not easy to migrate disqus comment to new url. So here is a tricks to migrate all the disqus comment to newer url, hope you all will like it. 🙂

Migrating Disqus Comment from Old URL to New URL.

Their is a feature called URL mapper on disqus dashboard.


Step 1: Go to Disqus Site Login in it and Navigate admin panel > Discussions > Tools.

Step 2: Click on Button Start URL Mapper.

Step 3: Once you click on URL Mapper Button, on very next page you have to find a link with text “you can download a CSV here”. Click on it.

Step 4: An email is send to your mail id, just login in to your email and download the file.

Step 5: Open Download file in to Notepad, Excel or any other convenience software in which you are user friendly.

Step 6: Editing file, See below example of editing the file.

You will find a link of downloaded file something look like…

We have to edit the newer URL just beside the existing old URL using “, ” comma. see below example

https://www.heerentanna.com/blog/Blogger-Mobile-Apps.html, https://www.heerentanna.com/blog/Blogger-Mobile-Apps.html

https://www.heerentanna.com/2012/11/Video-GIF-Format.html, https://www.heerentanna.com/Video-GIF-Format.html

Likewise you have to do the same think with all the URL.

(Tips: No necessary this tips is apply to all but will helpful to some of you.  I had used MSoffice application the function called replace all. for example to remove “.html” i had find it and replace all with “/” Slash. To remove “/2012/””  i replace it with only “/”)

Step 7: Once you complete it, just save the file.

Step 8: Now again navigate admin panel > Discussions > Tools. Click on URL Mapper Button.

Step 9: Browse the updated file, click on next button, that set. You will find a note that it will usually takes 24 hours to update. So wait and watch.

I hope this post is helped a lot for migration of disqus comment from old url to newer one. If is so that help us to promote our blog, kindly share this blog with your friend and follow on our social media networking website for other awesome tricks.

  1. 301 Redirect techniques are most popular for redirect the link from old url to new url. This blog provides great information about 301 Redirect SEO techniques in SEO. Thanks for this sharing. Today I get more information about migrating on old url to new url.

    1. wow, that’s good.Glad to know that this post help you. Your comments make value to this guided post, thanks for landing here and hope to see you again on this blog.

  2. It was a big frustration to me watching comments on my blog disappeared after rewriting URL’s of my blogger blog. There was no way to find them. Now consulting your article I think, I’m able to do so. Going to map my URL’s to save my comments. Thanks for this great article.

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