10 Tips on How to Boost Your SEO Techniques 2020

Undoubtedly, Google loves changes and transformations. Google is also more than fond of changing and updating the algorithm of SEO, every now and then. Talking facts, after a year or so, there might be a possibility of around 500 and more changes.

As we know that SEO is referred to as search engine optimization. Optimization of content is essential, as then the content is displayed on the search results. Since there are several numbers of changes it is natural to miss a thing or so.

In case, you miss something by mistake in SEO, then it is again natural for the content to be non-existent as well. If you complete the process in the right manner, then surely you are going to benefit from the increasing traffic that results in more conversions, improvement of lead generation, and boosting of sales.

There is no doubt about the fact that every business likes to have good engagement, more leads and higher sales on their business.

The ranking factors of search engine optimization have been altered for many years. The search engine optimization techniques that were used five years ago can no longer be used today. This is the reason that now we have jotted down together the guides and advice of all the experts which can help you in letting know whether you are having the best search engine techniques for your business this year or not!

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Customer Experience Matters

An expert Brian Dean from Backlinko shared how user experiences are the signal in the ranking of search engines. Since it is known from Google itself that RankBrain is the third essential ranking factor and the trend will not just go on but will be much more necessary in the year 2020.

In case you are unaware of what exactly is Rank Brain, then do not worry you are not the only one alone, as for most of us it seems like a thing that came into action from science fiction. It is mainly a machine learning system that benefits Google and imparts the decision to Google where pages need to rank on the search results. Yes, it definitely sounds a little scientific.

Maintenance of first page posts

The co-founder and chief marketing officer of Orbit Media, Andy Crestodina, recommended searching for posts that are ranked higher and writing them again. These can be found in the Google Analytics by going to acquisition>search console>queries and then making an advanced filter for showcasing the phrases. The phrases should be mainly towards the average rank or position which is greater than 10 on page 2.

Now, all you have to do is overhaul the articles with the addition of details, statistics, images, answers, quotes that contribute and everything else that turns it into a good piece. If you are looking for high quality, then it is better to add length and usage of keyphrase in a natural form. Try to make a page that you are proud to showcase so that you can further print and frame the same on the wall.

For turning the same process best and effective, check out the below three methods:

  • Keep a check on the rankings of the page, so that in the future there is no need to worry about the relevance for a better phrase.
  • During the rewriting procedure, it is better to pay attention to the connected subcategorized points that are plainly visible on the search result pages in the section of “people also ask” and at the bottom of the page “related searches”.
  • This must be done daily, or quarterly for a content marketing audit.

The caliber of the video

No doubt about the fact that video marketing brings a huge amount of traffic, no matter what. However, the businesses are still not concentrating much on the same, as quoted by Shilpa Shah, the co-founder of Hummingbird Web Solutions. Further quoting, she says, the best tip for SEO that has ever been is quality over quantity. If you are having more number of indexed pages does not mean that your website will attract more volume in organic traffic.

She advises all the website owners to back out from shallow posts present on the blog that are either of lesser word count or fake content. There is nothing better than keeping a focus on useful content that brings good engagement and attracts every visitor to read the complete write-up.

Featured Scraps

More than 11 percent of the search results display the featured scraps or snippets. Such results are the one which is displayed on the search engine result pages mainly after the advertisements, however before the ranked results. These are used beside the images, video or table so that they can be kept distinctive or seem completely unique. The same can help state them in a better position for stealing the clicks from the greatest ranked results as well.

Evergreen Content

Having content that is comprehensive, authoritative, and refreshing is what is supported and liked by all. The founder of BuzzSumo, Steve Rayson suggested the creation of long forms, in-depth posts related to the topic which is positioned as the type of result wanted by Google. It is basically the best result searched by the user. As per their analysis, around 100 million articles have been published so far in the year 2017 and there have been interesting discoveries about the viral posts, social sharing, powerful content and more.

The best methods for showing search engines a good content is:

  • Sticking with long based content: The content must be so long that it can easily overpower the short content. Around two thousand words must be present.
  • Usage of LSI keywords: LSI keywords are the ones which are keywords related to the topic of the post.

Enlarge user engagement

The user engagement can be expanded with the help of meaningful ways like:

Readable Content: Content that can be read smoothly through every kind of customer. Proper utilization of headings, short sentences, paras, images for making the page simpler to absorb and thus increasing the time limit of every user on the page.

  • Relevant links and offers: It is essential to include useful links and offers on the page. All such can answer the question of every reader. Ultimately, it can lower the bounce rates and bring users to the website.

Voice Search Optimization

For the optimization of voice search, it is necessary to use the geo-targeted keywords, as it can result in optimizing local search keywords. If the same process continues, with the improvement in voice search technology and more accessibility, the trend will continue in the future as well.

Mobile Indexing

Apparently, Google keenly considers the mobile version of the website as the primary version of the website. It should be user-friendly as of every customer’s experience counts and is huge as well. A responsive website is good for saving the time of the owners as well as the customers.

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