Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the innovative ways to develop a website. It helps to increase a more extensive reach of audience and provide a higher percentage of website visits from any Internet users. For the business world, the use of SEO is an excellent way of digital marketing. It is used as a strategy especially since the Internet is vast and enormous today. As a result, many businesses are well-established online thereby garnering more potential customers. These can further lead to more revenue, as well.

To help many businesses in SEO, they hire SEO freelancer who specializes in this digital marketing work. Consequently, the outcome is top-notch and gives off high quality which achieves the primary purpose of it – to have high traffic and organic development on the website. And since 2020 has come, there are more ways for SEO specialists to use. These are trends significant to any business. To give you a glimpse, here are some examples.

1. Having Other Search Engines

As of the moment, Google is the best search engine so far. But as time pass by, learn to make new search engines to use for your website. The more you have, the higher the chance you will make for the website to grow and expand. You may use Amazon, for instance.

2. Artificial Intelligence

It’s 2020, and more technological advancements are one the way. When you have Artificial Intelligence, you can customize it based on your website’s needs. According to Cardinal Digital Marketing, it helps your site to have more valuable published content.

3. Standard Length For Contents

All contents are essential on a website. It has to be longer and informative. Refrain from having shorter length of contents since the main goal is to inform which should not lack the necessary data as well. Also, the longer it appears, the better reliability it may have.

4. More Digital Experiences

Make sure that your website features are all working. Otherwise, even though you have excellent content, all of it would be nothing if the readers will have a hard time clicking on your tabs or simply availing your digital services. So, accessibility is essential in this part.

5. Great Articles

Do not write without providing all the needed information to your website. Apart from that, make it a great one. And what makes a well-written content is when it can capture the attention and interest of the readers. It will help your site to have more engaging audience and expand further as well.

6. CTR And Dwell Time

It is a ranking tool that you may use as a help to monitor and assess the performance of your website. It will give you more chance to see if your SEO tools are working and, if not, have the opportunity to develop more. Also, it will help you understand other factors affecting the rank of your site in the search engine.

7. High-Resolution Videos

Websites should produce high-quality videos relevant to their theme at all times. These videos must be informative and entertaining as well. Videos are also helpful in capturing the attention of Internet users.

8. Mobile UX

As mobile apps are increasing in number, many websites sought to design it on a mobile view as well. There are features available, and more people can use it. The Mobile UX as a tool will likewise help determine the ranking of your site to know how it has performed over time.

9. Voice Search For Optimization

By being innovative, using a voice search for your site is one way to do so. For more optimization, the use of keywords plugged into your site through voice makes it more convenient and accessible at the same time for your users. Also, it is easier to generate higher traffic.

10. Sense Of Security

Before you start developing and designing your website, make sure that it is safe from potential harms. Make your security system tighter by using HTTP which enables your site to secure all confidential information among your users.

11. Use Of Social Influencers

When you have a person with high social status and reach, the easier it is for your website to gain attention. Most likely, businesses today opt to use social influencers to attract more people instead of investing in simple advertisements which are commonly done before. The use of social influencers is rising more in percentage last 2018 and more so in 2020.

12. Having Snippets

The use of snippets in the search engine will correlate to having more audiences or readers as well. Your website will be on the top level and could generate a lot of potential viewers as well to visit your page.

13. Zero-Click Searches

Another thing that SEO specialists may do is to improve the use of their keywords. Today, it is quite reasonable that the SERP is the one answering right away the queries without the user having to click anywhere.

14. Branding For The Website

As a business establishing a website, make sure that you have all the marketing strategies which focus on your brand. You may incorporate it into your content and videos as well.

15. Localized SEO

The dynamic changes in Local SEO are ever-changing. To counteract adverse impacts, you may use your profile backlinks immensely. Make sure you have it to improve further.

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These are the trends that will help businesses to thrive in 2020 through SEO in their respective websites. So, bear these in mind and you will have success near ahead.

Guest Author

Cyrel P. Nicolas has been passionate in online marketing in the Philippines and been an SEO consultant for almost 10 years. He is the owner of and helped hundreds of businesses to increase online brand awareness and organic traffic using effective white-labelled strategies.


Heeren Tanna, a Digital Marketing Consultant, Trainer and Speaker on a mission to help 10,000 people in starting a business online and making a full time income from it.

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