Rotating Social Media Icons Widget Generator For Blogspot.

3d social media effect3D effect on mouse hover  spinning social widget generator for blogger, it consist social media icon of RSS feed, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google +. Socializing a blog it is also characters of the good bloggers. Authors of the blog are highly engaged with the social media, it provides a facilities to subscribe their social networking page and profiles in social networking websites. It will rotating at 360 degree, which is eye catching and attractive to motivate visitors to share blog post. 

Rotating Social Media Widget Generator For Blogspot.


Below is a widget creator for your blog, which will helps you to add 3d spinning social widget inside your blogger sidebar.

Instruction Regarding Usage of Above Widget Generator:
  • Before using this generator make sure that you login into your blogger account.
  • Modify the values of FaceBook Page ID, Twitter Username, Google + ID, Youtube User Name and Rss Feed burner User ID with your own user id and click on Generate Button.
    you will redirected to other page, their you need to give title to your widget like ” Subscribe US, Follow Us etc” and than click on add widget.
  • if still you are unable to install code in blogger template, then simply copy generated code from Code/Demo field and paste in below navigation pathBlogger dashboard > Select Blog > Layout tab > Add Widget Button > HTML/JavaScript.
Final Words: Now a days people are highly engaged with the social networking websites. Adding attractive hover effect to a blogspot blog, its a tactics to motivate to visitors to subscribe you on various social networking account. It will helps visitors to stay connected with your blog.

  1. Hey I need one for pininterest and instagram too…

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