Blogging Secrets for building successful visitors relationship.

Successful visitors relationship.[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oday we are finding competition around the word, time having its own values and importance. Each business have to have modify their strategies and tactics to be in the completion with respect to present trend, if any business falls in modify their present way of working that will surly thrown out from the industry. And at present era relationship with the customers,  visitors, clients matters a lot. if we fall to build a relationship, other rival firm are ready to satisfy their needs and ultimately shift to other brands. For the purpose of building a successful relationship, application of the theory and practical experience will helpful to any organization.

Secrets of successful visitors relationship

At present blogging trends is drastically increasing, people love to share their point of views, experience, skills and expertise on their own blog. For the blog owner visitors is a essential part, we can say a blood of any website. Getting, keeping and growing the visitors data bases is essential for success of the any concept. For satisfying and retain the visitors, we have to understand value of  visitors, benefits and cost of visitors for which they bear for to gain information from our blog. So lets understand it  briefly.

Understanding Visitors Value:

The visitors value can be defined as “the difference between what a visitor gets from a blog, and what he or she has to give in order to get it.”

According to Nicholas Gregory Mankiw: “There is no such thing as a free lunch”. we have to pay for to gain something, there is nothing like free in this world. In our case visitors are spending their time to get the information from our blogs, they spend money to use internet to access our blogs, opportunities cost which visitors bearing by reading our blog, and last the psychological cost. In return he or she will be going to gets the benefits.

The benefits can be categories in two major categories.

  1. Functional Benefits.
    Functional benefits are generally based on a core product functionality that provides to the visitors with functional utility. Now the question comes in our mind that which are our functional benefits, well my case what ever widgets and the tutorial i had shared with you, that must be work perfectly as per explanation. If you provide any services on you blog, the core functionality of your service will be product function for your blog.  As we all are know that the visitors having the greater impact relation with those blog which functional benefits is satisfying their needs.
  2. Emotional Benefits.
    Emotional benefits, those benefits which leads to create a positive feeling towards visiting a particulate blogs. visitors will find the emotional attachment with the author of the blog and the content of the blog. It is only possible when the blog owner able to deliver the functional benefits.

Satisfaction of visitors:

We has just understand the cost and benefits of the visitors, now another question comes in our mind is that “how can we come to know that our visitors?” Well their is simple equation that if our visitors perceived benefits and the perceived cost is equal. If the perceived benefits is more than perceived cost than the satisfaction of visitors is higher. Here is a job of bloggers to increase the benefits as compared with perceived cost.

Retaining Visitors:

Successful visitors relationship is leads to the repeat visits of the visitors. Any blog and website valued by its visitors status, even no one will be ready to advertise on our blog is visitors status not sufficient. their are many social networking website, where bloggers may create their profile to stay connected with the visitors. If our visitors is satisfied with our blog than surly they are going to subscribe our social networking profiles.


At presently the historical concept gets changes due to completion.Relationship is essential, their should be beneficial at the both the side. Every one started thinking on the satisfaction levels of the visitors. If visitors finds a proper services and benefits with respect to cost they bears, they will become the milestone of the successful blogger careers.

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    • increasing visitors depends on a many thinks like quality of your article, socializing status of your social networking websites, SEO of your blog etc…

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  8. Great post.Thanx for such a valuable article

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    • Hi Yusri Big

      First of all sorry for replying after such a long time. I am totally agreed with you that Internal linking is also one of the most important aspect as far as SEO concern. It is also useful to serve what customers needs.. It’s exactly making identify the hidden requirement of visitors that will surly convert regular visitor.


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