7 Marketing Strategies to Boost Brand Awareness

Marketing has evolved through lengths and breadths in the past decade. With ever-growing competition and digitization, it has become even more difficult to reach out to your target audience in a jiffy. Nowadays, consumers have n number of options to choose from. Right from buying a toothbrush to big fat electric appliances, people can easily scroll screen at lengths. Especially talking about ecommerce, it gets even more competitive. If ever the fitness of a person was to be calculated at the scroll length of fingers, everyone would have been in good shape and health.

Being said that, it is not easy to run your business on the basis of good product/ service alone. Neither the sturdy marketing tactics are suffice. To run your business, it is important for people to connect to your brand. Brand recalls should be strong and brands should be perceived with excitement and reliability.

 The Science Daily Research  shows that human attention span has shortened from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. Wait, what? Yes, that’s right! That’s less than a goldfish. People are attracted to multiple digital marketing magnets like Facebook Adverts, Newsletters, Sponsored Content, Google Ads, and more. This has further decreased the attention span. Additionally, mobile and tablets have made it easier for people to make themselves available to such marketing gimmicks round-the-clock.

7 Proven Marketing Strategies to Boost Brand Awareness

Given such tough competition, how can businesses boost brand awareness amongst masses or their target audience? Is it even possible? Is it right to dream about starting a new product service line of business in existing cut-throat competitive markets and still get successful?

Well, answers to all these questions are absolutely affirmative if businesses follow proper marketing strategies and don’t talk to demographics but people instead. People love stories and there will be a brand awareness and a brand recall only when businesses can connect with people with stories throughout their consumer journey.

Here are a few strategies businesses can work on to build a strong brand presence.

1. Personalized Marketing

52% of customers find general messages a real deal-breaker while 40% of carefully planned email campaigns draw more engagement than social media platforms. Rather than marketing to masses at once, businesses should focus on customer segmentation. The communication drafted for a particular segment keeping in mind their behavioral intent and interest will get more positive responses in comparison to those who convey generic messages.

2. Social Media Ads

Social Media offers highly targeted ads as per the buyer personas. These ads can be targeted to a specific demographic, search intent, geography and more. Professional platforms like LinkedIn offers even more granular targeting, where you can market your products/ services by segmenting audience by their companies, number of employees, designation and industry.

3. Audience Segmentation

As discussed in the Personalized Marketing section in this blog, audience segmentation is particularly important when you want to nurture your prospects/ leads. For example, if you have sent an email newsletter to your contact list about addition of new products in your portfolio, then it is best to segment your list with people those who have frequently interacted with your latest newsletter campaigns, clicked on particular links, engaged on social media, etc. 

4. Content Optimization

It is important to not get lazy with your copies. Content marketing is the most robust way to market products/ services and drive organic traffic. Content marketing also helps in developing a sense of credibility and authenticity about your brand within your target audience. Hyperlinking relevant statements, optimizing images, using appropriate keywords and optimizing the content from SEO point of view will benefit in SERPs. Also, marketing materials like Case Studies, Whitepapers, and E-book downloads will help you get contacts of prospects through forms filled.

5. Referral Discounts

Customer Advocacy is another important factor to consider when it comes to building brand presence. Word-of-mouth and referrals can earn 30% more leads than any other digital medium of advertising as per  Sprigboard source.  92 per cent of people say they feel comfortable with transaction that are encouraged through referrals and reviews from humans than robots or digital platforms.

6. Chabot

Chatbots are a best way to market your products/ services and at the same time make it brand oriented. For example, in the present situation of Covid-19 companies are making their chatbots maskmen to attract attention. These invisible digital bots will be wearing masks while chatting to their prospects. Additionally, AI-based chatbots keep audiences engaged while nurturing them reducing the need for human intervention.

7. LinkedIn Networking

LinkedIn is the strongest platform when it comes to building your own professional community and connecting with your peers. Brands can create thought leadership content by engaging with niche groups and professionals. This will help people connect your business stories, morals, ethics, values and success stories with your brands. Strong visuals and short videos will help people remember your brands even better than the lengthy texts.


Marketing is all about narrating stories and weave it into your brand’s couture to help your audiences create a fresh perspective altogether. Regardless of how much the competition is in the market, as long as brands stick to narrating their Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) through robust marketing strategies and a strong customer base, they are bound to create fan-following with a strong brand presence. It is important to carefully listen and contemplate what your target audience is interested in and align it with your brand through robust marketing strategies to create a sustainable brand value.

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