5 Tested SEO Methods for Interior Designers

Are you an interior designer? Do you want to promote your business online? Let's get started with the 5 easiest search engine optimization tips that can grow your Interior Design business.
5 Tested SEO Methods for Interior Designers

One of the most searched services online these days is interior designing. There are a lot of companies providing the service and competing for a good position in the SERPs. Thus, it’s out an out necessary for you to do something effective to get your website ranked and showcase your designs. Here are 5 beneficial SEO methods for interior designers.

Start Sharing on Instagram, Pinterest and Flicker

Right after getting your website live, you have started promoting your business on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and G+. But haven’t received a good response? Have you ever tried to know the reason? Let’s get it explained.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and G+ are there for a long while and have already become a promotional platform for a lot of business owners. Naturally competing there would be a bit difficult. Therefore, you need to think of some other platforms where you can get a good exposure without investing much time.

This is when social media sites like Instagram, Flicker and Pinterest can be considered. They are getting popular as the platforms to share images and what can be better than this for an interior designer. You can also include your links to the images and drag users to your site. What you need to ensure to get maximum reach for your post is that you have added proper hashtags to the images and wrote catchy descriptions.

Create Crawlable Images

Designers have a natural tendency to take some extra preventive measures to protect their image from being copied. There’s nothing bad in it. But you should take care of the fact that the security doesn’t get so tight that even the search engines can not crawl the subdirectories on your website and thereby can not index the images. It can result in the limitation of visibility of the images in the SERPs. So, the best way would be to attach a copyright notice on your website and allow the images to be crawled by the search engine bots.

Try and Get Reviewed

Getting reviewed is very important for service providers. It demonstrates the quality of your work and influences customers to buy from you. Therefore, getting positive reviews from the sites like Yelp and Angie’s List is necessary. Whenever a buyer buys from you ask him/her to post a review on these sites. Apart from recommending you, the reviews can also leave a high impact on your ranking and thereby the click-through rate.

List Your Company in Online Directories

If you are new in the field, listing your companies in online directory sites is essential as they would help you distribute your information. In case, you are listed already in numerous directory sites, you should do a double check as a slight difference in the descriptions can affect your overall process of search engine optimization. There are also various directory sites only for the designing industry. You should enlist your company there as well.

Blog Regularly

Blogging is one of the tested ways to get you good ranks in the SERPs. It’s also a great way for interlinking and attracting visitors to the other pages of your website. You can post both on-page and off-page blogs to increase the authority of your website. While posting off-page blogs, just keep in mind that the referring sites have more authority than you otherwise it would not be that much beneficial for you in terms of gaining authority. Another fact that you need to ensure is that you post in regular intervals

There you are with some of the most effective methods to rank higher for interior designing services. Try them now and generate a huge ROI without investing much of your labour.

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