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Recently i had just joined one of the leading online marketing company for the purpose of Summer Internship Project training(SIP). As company doesn’t having there own blog for their company i started blog for them that is pin on sub-domain.

After a day i had find that this subdomain is working perfectly i had decided to share it with your all. you just need to insert two CNames in your control panel of domain and also need to modify address of your blog in your blogger dashboard.

How To Create subdomain on blogspot?

before proceeding we have to understand basic difference between main domain and subdomain. we all are aware about main domain that is denoted as, etc, while subdomain is a part of main domain only it is look like, and so on.

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Following is a simple steps which you required to follow in sequence for setting up custom domain.

Step 1: login into your blogger account with email id that is associated with your blog.

Step 2: Go to Setting > Basic button , Find Blog Address field Click On Add Custom Domain > Switch to advanced settings Settings Instructions Link.

Step 3: You will find two radio button in which you need to select second one  {On a subdomain ( }.  After that copy paste two Cname record in notepad. it is somewhat look like below image. ( Besure that first cname record has blog name that means we are creating subdomain   for you can use your own name here.)

Sub domain instructions

Step 4: Open your domain control panel, here you need to identify DNS manager by your self. Once you find it just add above two Cname in it. and save it.

Step 5: Now again go to blogger dashboardSetting > Basic button , Find Blog Address field Click On Add Custom Domain > Switch to advanced settings.  add your sub domain (  ) and click on save button.

Sub domain blogger setup

That set, many a time updation in Cname required 2-4 hours, so be patient and try again step5.

If you are facing still any king of difficulties than feel free to ask, Just comment it below i will try to respond your query as soon as possible.


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  1. Hello. I have set up my Blogger blog on a subdomain. The subdomain works correclty (, and Blogger correctly redirects the naked domain ( to the subdomain as I have selected to do in Blogger.

    The problem I am having is the issue of redirecting the www domain ( to the subdomain. Having a www Cname as “@” gives a Google error. I tried deleting the www CNAME and setting subdomain forwarding to forward www to, but this did not work either (not found error from ISP). Is there a way to do this you are aware of?

    • I found a solution to this. Although my domain host (GoDaddy) allowed me to add www as a subdomain to forward from, www would not show up in my DNS zone file, in contrast to other subdomains I tested.

      So I tried deleting the “@” host pointing to Google’s IP addresses, (re)adding a www Cname pointing to “@”, and setting up “domain forwarding” to This worked. I also unselected “Redirect to” in Blogger but this may not have been necessary.

  2. Hi Umesh, thank you for posting this helpful article. In my case, I have two Blogger accounts and therefore, two subdomains with Blogger – blog. and index. (my root domain is hosted on Shopify). I tried your steps, and the first subdomain worked. But when I tried the second, Blogger gave me the same “Name, Label, or Host field” (so using your example, Blogger gave me the code – “lkhdkqye5haw” for both subdomains). When I tried to enter the same code again in my domain settings, it wouldn’t allow me to save since it was a duplicated line. Any ideas on how to proceed? Thanks!

    • Hi mark, it is going to work for only one blog only, Friendly speaking i don’t know how to do that but it is posible to pin more than one blog on blogger. I will post regarding it when i come to know about it. Thanks for comment here stay tuned.

  3. hi, i am srinivas…I used my subdomain for FreeServers and hosted Wp On it. It was deleted due to high cpu limit. from then, it shows 403 forbidden error. Now, i added the domain to my blogger, added and verified and saved it, Still it shows 403 forbidden error.pls help.
    here is the domain :

    • you need to find it from your custom domain provider, e.g. Godaddy, if you purchased custom domain from it than you have to login in godaddy website their you will find DNS manager.

  4. shubham grover Reply

    plz help me sir i m using blogger i added a sub domain to my blog. thats work perfectly but i wana add another sub domain to my blog can you tell me how can i do this plz visit this

    thanks for this article i really like it

    • Hey Shubham, Just published another blog post, how to “add multi subdomain on blogger blog. Just reffer it.

  5. KSIsooooFLY Reply

    I don’t seen to be getting the error message for cannes it just saves. 🙁
    Please help.

  6. Hi,I created sub domain as successfully in coanel.But when i try to enter the cname record as and cname as,it dud not allow me.I got the error saying A record already exist.Even though when I select Cname while adding still i get the same error.The other entry I could enter.Please help.

    • Hi druk,
      See you can not create the same sub-domain which is already exist.
      First of all you have to delete existing sub domain and than try to add both records.
      If you didn’t solve this than connect with me on facebook i will try to solve your problem 🙂

  7. please make a tutorial about how to create a sub domain in bigrock and park a sub domain in 000webhost

    means i have a blog like : “”
    and i have created a sub domain in bigrock as “” and i used 000webhost for my demo tutorials and hosted them in 000webhost my demo tutorials url is
    so how can i redirect “” into “”

    it would be really helpful for newbie like me .. : )

    • Hi jayesh,

      Glad to see you here on this blog. recently i had published the tutorial for the same, you can refer it. As far as redirect concern you can set it by your cpannel. another alternatives is you can use hearder redirect also in-case you won’t find any provisions in your cpannel

  8. Ok, I did all of these steps before seeking help to my problem. Following your tips the result is this:
    when I type in my subdomain appears a notification from blogger to redirect the user but says that the blog isnt hosted by blogger but I dont understand why , because if I take out the redirect from blogger it works. i mean if I type my sub domain it will redirect to my blog, but the adress on the top is from the blog, not the subdomain. Ahh, I dont think I make any sense, but I will leave it with the error so if you check, you can see.

    Subdomain –
    Blog – (I dont even like the name, I needed something to work so I could redirect the subdomain, hoping this will never see the light of day :)) )
    Sorry if you didnt understand my message but there s really no better way to explain it. i m not that good at it stuff, although when I did this to my domain it totally worked. i dont know where the problem is. And yes, it has been 3 days since I made the changes so it can t be the fact that I have to wait up to 48 hours. Thank you in advance.

    Please help. 😀

  9. Angelsturkiye Reply

    Hello, Thanks for the post
    How to fix SSL issue when you use a subdomain on blogger?
    Could you pls answer whenever available

  10. Hello ,

    My name is Vikas, and I am facing issue to setup blooger on subdomain. I have follow your blog post but still have not setup properly means still blogger show the error – We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain.

    I am shareing screenshots for review. –

    Please see this link – this link show that we have update DNS properly but still blogger have not accept – my subdomain – .

    Please help me if you can….

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