Top 5 Five Tips for writing a better LinkedIn Profile

Job seeking has grown more complex with the invention of technology due to the invention of online platforms for networking and communication. LinkedIn is a social media platform where professionals can make their portfolio and seeks jobs through online networking. A LinkedIn profile is, therefore, vital as it is similar to a resume.

1. Use keywords and search terms in your “skills” section

Recruiters search every day for people to hire. Keywords help recruiters find you easily in search results. Since skills count as keywords, it is incredibly essential to input every skill you have. LinkedIn allows up to 50 of them, and thus you should take advantage of them. Take a look at job descriptions of the job you’re after then use that as keywords to ensure you pop up in searches of recruiters.

2. Use a good photo and catchy headline to increase clicks

When searching for someone to hire, the first things one sees is your photo and headline. It is crucial to make an excellent initial impression on a recruiter. Many people are visual hence tend to click on profiles with a friendly and professional photo. It is therefore imperative that you upload a good quality photo for your profile. Headlines also help to gunner more clicks on your profile. Make good use of the 120 characters to ensure you appear on searches of recruiters — the more precise your headline, the better your profile.

3. Make your profile interesting after getting the clicks

You should also get a custom URL (such as, somewhat random numbers that you are given when you sign up. A custom URL makes it easy for someone to search for you. You should also ensure every section of your profile is filled to make it easy for a recruiter to see clearly what you offer. LinkedIn also measures the completeness of your profile so you can use that to ensure it is complete. You can also request LinkedIn endorsements to create trust from the recruiter. Endorsements showcase your strengths and authenticity.

4. Outline specific accomplishments under previously done jobs

Mention specific accomplishments under each job done. Use numbers too to highlight past results to make your profile look more authentic. Instead of outlining your responsibilities, be concise about what exactly you did. Instead of saying you were in charge of marketing a product, you can say “Increased the sales of the company by 29% through the marketing of product X”. It’s more compelling to hire a person with specific accomplishments than one who outlines general responsibilities.

5. Draw inspiration from other profile of people from the same industry

As a bonus tip, if you are a writer, search for profiles of other writers to get ideas of how to write your profile. Try and see what draws you to click on the profiles that you click on; be it the headline or the photo or anything else. Use what you observe in other profiles in your industry to make your profile more detailed to get more interest from recruiters.

If you are a professional looking to seek a job through an online platform, you can create a LinkedIn account. With the above tips create a good profile to draw recruiters and land you on some jobs. It is time to exploit all the resources offered by the internet!

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