8 traffic statistics you need to know for eCommerce website in 2021

What do you understand about ecommerce website?

Any transaction that is conducted online or any kind of online business is referred to as e-commerce. Buying, selling and retailing things on the internet comes in e-commerce. Most of the services are provided online like transactions, funds, exchanging data etc.  myntra, flipkart, amazon, olx, meesho and so on. The chain runs through business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer and consumer to business.

E-commerce is progressing a lot. These days everyone focuses on doing online shopping instead of going out. Retail is the most used nowadays  e-commerce that has reached over $30 trillion and advancing more. Customers interact with sellers on principles bestowed and link with the help of pictures or data and then make the payments.

Understanding the statistics of ecommerce:

If you want to revamp your ecommerce store then you have to follow the culture of digital transformation. Any ecommerce store with more net optimization and digital shift will be greater viewed and ranked on SERP. It is key to find time and stay updated with the latest ecommerce trends in order to be highlighted in the crowd of many retailers.

Many trends that are need to follow must be visible on your website. Therefore, you have to maintain your websites in a very attractive manner. WordPress development company performs web designing and developing for the businesses. The developers change and modify the website according to your visibility and this generates more revenues. 

8 important points that will help to increase the ecommerce productivity in 2021

1. Mobile friendly website:

Mobile is fast becoming an important part of e-commerce. As we know, there is a lot of competition in market places where every retailer wants to be in the position and need to keep their status high.

To get more viewers and immoderate ranks on search engines your website must be mobile optimized as the desire to shop depends on statistics that come from cell phones.

2. Faster page loading speed:

Fast loading sites are very important so make sure to make your site as fast as possible . Waiting for too many seconds just to load the site makes people frustrated and irritated . Hence fast apps and websites should be made , 3 second avg time to load a thing or website. You can use enhancement sources to decorate the net load time like css, javascript, html etc. you can also reduce or cease greater plug-ins on CMS. you can improve snap shots from clipped size and alt tags.

Web hosting plus CDN company helps to increase leading time and speed. Custom web development service is the best service company which helps in web hosting. Web hosting performs a crucial task to increase the loading time and speed.

3. Optimizing Images and Videos:

Many of the users that use ecommerce websites and on any other social media prefer images and videos more than they do text. So the use of amazing videos and images that are informative as well as attracting is a good way to attract the ecommerce website.

But you need to make sure that the website is user friendly, it means that the users should not get offended by your posts or videos. Also if your video or image takes a long time to load the users would not prefer them viewing ,hence using compressed images and videos is suggested.

4. Optimization of search engine:

Seo marketing services have defined some keywords and titles to use. Your products should be well optimized with them. So developing a new, unique search engine that also has charming product titles are necessary for the client as well as for your website. Using some phrases in the title can have a top notch effect on users’ mind.

For example using “Free Shipping”,” Guaranteed delivery” , “Return Policy” ,these are some words that affect the users a lot . Also making titles as small as possible is efficient so the users get the info they need and less time is used. Keeping your titles of maximum 30-40 words is a great approach.

5. Adding valuable content:

Content quality is a very important part of your website . It can attract a lot more clients and users. Everyone wants good content ,the topic does not matter much .If you are writing a good content it would be sure to attract a lot of crowd. The most treasured aspect regarding the ecommerce websites is the exceptional and glowing content material cloth.

Easy wording and splendid purpose key phrases should be used to optimize the content material cloth. Hence to get a pinnacle rank on SERP, seo company provides optimized content for the website .Which makes it easy to rank on SERP  so greater content material fabric is required.

6. Keywords that are target driven:

Using more unique key phrases has the ability to limit the search extent more than the word commonly used in daily conversation .These key phrases will help the individual from barring the extent to all the product pages on the net and directly find out what exactly they are looking for.

So accurate sized and diligent key words must be a part of your web site to insure the user specifications. You can also put keywords on image and videos to let them find out the best fit for the users.

7. Simple site structure:

A good ideal website drives a lot of traffic. It is easy to get search engine crawlers to your website if it is built in a proper way and helps to increase the rank on SERP. internet optimization of web pages helps to keep the site structure simple. You must always connect all the webpages with the home webpage so that clients easily hit upon the required pages.

8. Structured data is must:

To perform any business online then it is necessary to give proper structure information. Keeping structured records help to support conversions optimization, CTR and it also improves purchaser engagement. Every customer before ordering and after making payment needs proper details about the product like name, brand, shipping date, material etc. even these records are helpful for the owner also to avoid deception.


So these are important trends that need to be practiced to revamp your business and get more profits. WordPress development services have helped business a lot not just in making websites but also provide many benefits that enhance the skills and increase the productivity of the business. With the help of this you can take your ecommerce production to the subsequent level.

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