[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you have just approved your Adsense account than you must have to know the invalid activities by which your account might be gets deactivated. Google provides the monetizing blog or website through adsense services as it is the most trustable source but still there are many activities which are out of control by our self. We have to protect out Adsense account from invalid activities if you don’t do that than might be possible that your Adsense account gets de activated. And you have to submit application form for reactivation Adsense account.

Identify Invalid Adsense Click through Statcounter.

Approval of Adsense account is not enough, we as a publisher have to work to protect Adsense account from invalid activities and generally your rivals who don’t want to let you earn money , they will start click on your ads so that google consider it as a invalid activities and you will be banded by Adsense.

But here we have option to identify such invalid clicks through statcounter. By this website we are able to get all the details about visitors like location of vitiors, host name, browser they used, OS of mobile of computer, resolution, ISP, visiting length, and exit link.

firstly you need to create account on StatCounter

Statcounter invalide click adsense

Click on “Add Project” after filling entire form .

On very next page you will find a code, which you need to install just above </body> tag of your website. If you are using blogger than simply use below widget to install this code in sidebar (If you are too much friendly with blogger HTML template editor than you may install it just above </body> tag)

Install code in blogger blog using widget.


Once you install that code in your website or blog, you need to just click on check installation button.

Check installation

If you do instillation correctly, you will find welcome message from the admin side. Many a time if you are using caching in your website to reduce your blog load time, you have to try it after some time.

Code detected adsense invalid

Click on your website, you will find another page with title “Choose an Installation Guide for your website.

Default installation guide

Click on “Default Installation Guide” link.

Statcounter invalide click adsense

In the very next page, you have to move on Exit Links. Here you will find all the link through which your visitors have leave your website.

Find your Adsense link, and click on magnify glass icon, you will find all the details of the vistiors who clicked on your google adsense advertisement.

It will be look like following screenshot.

Visitor analises

If you find that your adsense gets unexpected income in dashboard of your adsense account than use the above given methods. You need to check it out from the same IP address how many clicks are coming? If it’s look like invalid clicks than block that IP address from your adsense account. You may report invalid click activities from your adsense account too.


Heeren Tanna, a Digital Marketing Consultant, Trainer and Speaker on a mission to help 10,000 people in starting a business online and making a full time income from it.


  1. @Umesh

    Hello There!

    Very informative post . Now i’ll protect my account from invalid activities. Thanks for this information.


  2. Hey Umesh
    appreciable work! I use statecounter and got various other feature with fake Adsense clicks. keep mention such valuable info.


  3. Pawan Diwakar Reply

    hi somehow i got suggestion to install statcounter and it is very helpful in monitoring invalid clicks

    • Yes Pawan Diwakar, You are totally right. This is free and best service for protecting our adsenese account.

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