How Visitors Learns Whether to Revisit the Website or Not

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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s a web publisher we all are aware about the importance of revisit of the website right? In the present era of competition any business owner had desire that their first visitor need to convert in to repeat visitor. As a entrepreneur to identify “why our website revisit is too low?” first we need to understand that how visitors besides whether to land on same website again or not.  well here in this post i am going to share the traditional consumer behavior theoretical concept virtually visitor behavior concept so that we together can learn how to increase the revisit level of our website.

I am sure that you are having expertise in to maintain visitors relationship but here i want to drag your attestation towards traditional concept to identify “how visitors behavior take a form towards a particular website?” Once it is to be identified, we will have a direction to work on it to increase a revisit level. For the we need to understand basic psychological thought process of a visitor.  The traditional theoretical concept of learning theory consist with the 4 major elements, that are..

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Visitor behaviour chart

  1. Motivation:

    We can define motivation as a drive or force due to which an individual tend fulfill their unfulfilled needs or desire.


    The sentence “I am motivated towards reading a blog”. tend for that individual having a inner drive or force  to fulfill their unsatisfied need that is ” Reading a Blog “. Think a situation where an individual didn’t find a source of reading blogs, he will  surly fill unconformable and  fall in to tension. If he or she don’t have any drives than as a blog publisher that person will no use to us.

    What actually a advertisement is made for television convey?
    your answer will be to sale a product right? well a part from it there is hidden intense to motivate people that “wake up you actually need it” i think you all will agree with this sentence.

    Here in our case the publisher job gets started to develop visitors  unsatisfied need by hook or by crook. Making them aware that actually they need to read the blog, purchase a products from site, involve in website activity etc.

  2. Clue:

    Cues can be defined as a stimuli that leads to direction towards particular behavior.

    If the person is motivated than there are many stimuli factor which decides behavior of individual. This behaviour are competing with each other, i would like to give layman example so as we can understand clues easily

    Suppose we are going through highway and want to eat a food, at that time our focus will catch each hotel, its banner and advertisement on highways ( we can say: stimuli). Depending on the experience person also have a cue regarding experience of any hotel which he or she like too much. And suppose at that time your friend call you for food, In this situation an individual has to select only one alternatives ( We can say clues ). and have to sacrifice other alternative.

    At the same way visitors also have a certain clues due to their past experience, current situational factors and many more. the selection of clue will be determine the behavior of a visitors.

  3. Response.

    Response simple defined as how an individual will react towards a clue, Not necessary that it is always positive, it will be negative also. If it is positive than individual select that clue and behave accordingly.

    here the job of a web publisher to create a positive clues in the mind of visitors so as our clue will be winner over other clues. Their is a saying that “First impression is the last impression”, The past experience is the major factors which determines the likely wood of   website. So be careful about content of a website, look and feel and specially service of the product.

  4. Reinforcement.

    Last but not the least, Reinforcement. Reinforcement can be defined as a probability of happening the same response again and again.

    in our case, the probability that the individual will revisit our website again and again. Reinforcement is in the mind of visitors, It is also in both the site one is positive and another one is negative.  the sentence “I like this product very much and want to purchase again.” is the sign that the person having reinforcement towards a product.

    Here the job of web publisher is to create a positive reinforcement in the mind of visitors through providing user friendliness, extraordinary facilities, best  services and so on…


building weblog, Developing eCommerce websites, Writing content, Optimizing search engine and  Monetizing website is useless until understanding the behavior of the visitors. Just understanding behavior is not sufficient we have to work on accordingly so as we can create a positive  reinforcement in the mind of visitors.  Share your thought with us that “what kinds of step you take in action to deal with it?”

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